Tomatoes x2

I eat tomatoes like they are going out of style. A cup a day. Or two!

They are just so sweet, juicy and low-calorie I cannot get enough of them. I've been sneaking them into almost every meal I eat lately, including pizza!

Matt and I made one of our favorite homemade pizzas this week - a basic but delicious basil + tomato.

We are trying to eat up all the fresh food in our house before we go to New Mexico so I had a pint of grape tomatoes and a few roma's left over from the pizza to devour in some ladylike fashion. I settled on a simple tomato salad with a splash of olive oil, pepper, salt and garlic powder.

I ended up using about 1.5 cups of tomatoes which is a whopping 45 calories. It tasted almost as good as the pizza we had the night before!

Here's a nice break down of how much of your daily vitamin needs are met with just one cup of tomatoes. Are you convinced yet to go out and buy some?

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