Tracy Mallett's The Booty Barre Beginners & Beyond

Last week after I wrote about Tracy Mallett's Total New Body DVD I received a free copy of her Beginner's workout to review. I just finished the workout this morning and strongly encourage you to check out the DVD on Amazon (and read all the other 5 star reviews!) by clicking on the photo below:

When I first started looking for pilates/dance DVD's to try I was initially turned off from this one as I erroneously believed it would be 'easy' since the word beginners is in the title. As I sit here now with quivering glutes and thighs I am so happy Tracy has proved me wrong and kicked my butt in the most loving way possible. Her upbeat personality makes this challenging workout brighter and I found her to be motivating without being pushy. You can workout at 3 different levels: Basic Beginners, Advanced Beginners and Intermediate. I shifted between the Intermediate and Advanced Beginners. The break down of the workout is as follows:

Tutorial - 10 Minutes. You absolutely must watch the brief tutorial prior to doing this, or any of her workouts, as it will make the exercises more effective when you utilize proper form. During the workout you'll hear her use terms such as 'external rotation' that you need to have a firm grasp on the mechanics of before diving in blindly to the routine. Doing so will help avoid any injuries and give you the most effective workout possible.

Express Barre Main Workout - 35 Minutes. I was happy to see many of the moves I loved from her other routines in this segment. There are a lot of plies, leg kicks, pelvic thrusts and attitudes and I must confess that once or twice I had to step away from the bar and walk off some of the tightness I was experiencing in my glutes - the sign of an amazing workout! About halfway into it I started thinking that my heart rate wasn't as high as I would have hoped and suddenly we moved into a cardio segment that fulfilled that wish. This segment includes a few minutes of arm exercises at the end that I found to be slightly easier than her other dvd but still extremely effective. I used a set of 3 pound weights and was happy to see some tricep exercises I had never seen before!

Bonus Abs and Thighs Section - 15 Minutes. Even though you move to the mat for these exercises you are nowhere near done working your glutes and thighs. The segment opens up with pelvic thrusts and hip circles that helps to polish off an tweak the larger muscles you just finished working out in the main segment. The ab exercises were also a bit easier than her other workouts but I am confident I will still feel some soreness in my obliques tomorrow morning.

Overall, I could not be more pleased with this DVD. Tracy gives some of the best direction I have seen and her reminders to focus on the specific muscles you are working really help to elevate the work out. Tracy also has 2 new FuseDance dvd's that I look forward to ordering as soon as possible to feed my ever-growing Booty Barre addiction!