Training for my first Ultra Marathon

Did I just say that out loud? For the few of you who have been reading my blog since day one (two years ago this month!) you may remember my very first 5k in November of 2012. It was 5 months after that when I ran my first half, and seven months after that when I ran my first full. After my half I thought, "there is NO WAY I could run twice this far!" and after my full I thought, "I want more." #Addicted

I've got a lot of goals for races in the coming months. I knew that meant I needed to sit down and start planning out a training schedule that would allow me to participate in all of the races I'm hoping to do. So, here's what life has in store for me starting in July. Updated Training Plan

The excitement I feel toward starting official training for the Ultra is on par with how excited I got for Christmas as a kid. My goals for my big three races are as follows:

Pensacola Marathon: Hit the 4:30 finish time I trained for the first time around!

Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon: Pace my friend Christina for her first finish.

Blackwater 50k: Survive and not hate running when it's over.

I'm looking forward to starting to run on trails, experimenting with eating 'real foods' more than just gu packs, and pushing myself to a new distance.

Are you currently training for anything? Would you ever want to run a 50k?