True Life: I'm a College Professor

One of the most common things I'm asked about is what it's like to be a college professor and what are the classes that I teach. Keeping in mind the results of the blog survey, indicating many of you having an interest in hearing more about my every day life and topics in psychology, I thought this was a great way to incorporate both! In the video I discuss how I got into teaching, what I actually teach, and what I love and ... not-so-love...  about my job.

As I said in the video if you have any questions about the classes I teach, or what it's like being a teacher, please ask me!

I also have to share these photos I took of Salem being a beast on the couch the other day. Someone on twitter called him the kitty godfather.

He's gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.



Have you ever thought about teaching? Do you feel weird seeing your professors out in public?