True Life Volume 2

A few months ago (okay, almost 8 months ago) I shared a post here that contained a few of my favorite random stories from my life. I meant to start doing similar posts regularly but evidently I've been in a time warp and 2013 has gone by far quicker than I realized! As I am currently driving from KY to FL today (12 hours in the car - wish me luck!) it seemed like the appropriate time to take another stroll down memory lane and share some more stories with you. Valentines Day Weekend in Colorado. When I was 20 I started dating a guy who lived down the street from me. I met him while working at a Tanning Salon and we dated for a few months before he went off to Graduate school. A few weeks into the relationship he asked if I wanted to join him with his family in Colorado for Valentines Day. What girl could say no to that? I asked my Dad if I could use some of his frequent flyer miles to get the ticket, as his family graciously offered to cover all of my other expenses while I was there. Dad agreed and gave me the info to log into his account and book-it. Well, I should have asked Mom about it first because once she found out what my plans were she didn't approve.

So, what did I do?



Had the time of my life skiing! It was my first time (and only time as of now!) and I had a blast. His parents paid for me to get private lessons when I arrived and I spent 3 amazing days skiing and eating at incredible restaurants. The fun was very short lived though as I got home to find the locks had been changed and I was no longer allowed to live at home.

My parent's don't play. So - I crashed at a friends house for 2 nights and was talking about my living situation at the tanning salon and a regular client overheard. He just had a roommate move out and offered to let me move-in with him. He was a mortician and the other roommate was an 80-something year old man who went by the name 'Partner' and used to play professional baseball in the 50's. Within a week I was living in the master bedroom of this ridiculously nice house with a bathroom the size of my old room. I stayed there for a few months until things calmed down and I moved back home.

Even though I regret going against Mom's wishes I wouldn't change a thing!

I'm a cotton-picker.ย I like to do weird things. While driving to Fairhope, Alabama 2 years ago I noticed some cotton fields on the side of the road. Naturally, I had the urge to see what picking cotton was like so I made the driver (then bf) pull over and let me out.


Iย picked a decent amount and still have it somewhere around the house. It was neat to see what a cotton plant looked like up close - basically just cotton balls hanging off twigs!


Another time I was driving through Blackwater State Forrest with a friend and some horribly awesome ghetto booty song came on my radio. I have two 12" subs in my trunk (you should see the look on my students faces when I pull up next to one on campus) and we had the urge to dance so we parked the car in the middle of the woods and dropped it like it was hot.

I just realized how white I sounded saying that.

What's the strangest thing you've had to pull over to do?

Were you ever kicked out of your house?