Using Positive Motivation to Reach Health & Fitness Goals

Shaming yourself into losing weight won't work. Trust me - I tried.

When I first started to lose weight I did the whole 'put pictures of celebrities you'd like to look like on your fridge' thing. You know what that did? Made me feel like shit every time I opened the door to grab something to eat. Trying to equate food = feeling bad may seem like an effective weight loss technique at first, but it will soon backfire.

If you want to initiate lifelong weight loss then you need to start it from a more positive, loving place. I've managed to keep 50 pounds off for about 5 years now because I realized I need to lose weight because I love myself, not because I hate myself.

In that spirit I've decided to re-open my Etsy shop and indulge in one of my two favorite activities (1) cross-stitching with Salem on my lap and (2) trying to help motivate other's to reach their health and fitness goals.


All of the frames I use are from thrift stores and have been repainted by yours truly. This one in lime green I'm not listing since I screwed up the heart and left little holes around it. I may try to fix it and list it later. I love that phrase!


I love the idea of sitting this one next to your alarm clock so when you get up in the morning thinking you can't possible get out of bed to workout you have a reminder telling you otherwise!

IMG_7640Imagine what it would do to your psyche or subconsciousness to see one of these phrases multiple times a day. I've had them laying around the house for a few days now and it's such a awesome, positive reminder to be healthy and happy! I'm so excited to be back on Etsy and have a creative outlet again. Be sure to bookmark my Etsy shop and check back soon for new items! If you'd like a custom piece made with your favorite quote just email me at

What is your favorite motivational phrase? What other color combinations should I try?