Vacation to New Orleans Part One

Matt and I were in New Orleans for the last few days to celebrate one of his friends graduation from Law School. This was our third trip to New Orleans this year (we kind of love the city) but our first time there with friends and it was definitely fun to share the excitement of the city with people who have never been there! I can only handle so much of the French Quarter but we are still planning a trip back over the Holiday season to stay in one of the plantations for an evening. Our first evening there we went to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop which is the oldest bar in the United States! It was built in 1772 and is one of the oldest surviving structures in the city.

The first morning there we had to eat at our favorite breakfast spot, Camellia Grill, which has a 91% rating on urbanspoon! The original diner was built in 1946 and very little has changed since then. The waitstaff are always incredibly entertaining and the food there is scrumptious.

After breakfast we were walking back to the hotel when we passed Cafe Beignet. For those poor souls who have not been fortunate enough to have a Beignet before it's a cross between a French pastry and a doughnut, lightly fried and covered in powdered sugar. Literally, covered. Suffocated. The birds were swarming around us to try to get a bite they are so good. Gratuitous shots of Matt and I eating beignets will follow shortly.

That morning we spent time walking around Magazine Street which is about 15 minutes outside the French Quarter. The street is lined with boutique shops, restaurants and my favorite .... a Whole Foods store. We stopped at the Creole Creamery after lunch and shared a scoop of Lavender Honey ice cream. Ever since we had lavender rosemary popcorn in NYC we've been on a lavender kick!

That evening we returned to our favorite watering hole in NOLA - the Carousel Piano Bar & Lounge located inside the historic Hotel Monteleone. The bar was installed in 1949 and was frequented by celebrities such as Earnest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote! It actually rotates the entire time which can make drinking quite enteratining. I can only handle about one cocktail before I need to be on stationary ground again.

After the Carousel Bar we walked down to Harrah's Casino. I had never been to a Casino before and I ended up winning $80 off of electronic roulette and nickle slots. I couldn't take any photos inside of the casino but we did run into this statue on the walk back. Apparently it is the main character from 'A Confederacy of Dunces'. Matt's first inclination was to make out with it.

We stopped at the Library Bar inside the Ritz-Carlton before we retired for the evening and I had my first Mojito. It is one of my new favorite drinks and I will be trying to recreate the drink at home asap! We took our drinks outside onto their rooftop and soaked up the amazing trip we had so far.


The last morning in NOLA we had to stop by the famous Cafe Du Monde for another round of Beignets!

There is no pretty way to eat a Beignet. After Cafe Du Monde we headed back to Pensacola to show our guests around our town. I'll be back tomorrow with Part Two of our Vacation!