Vaccines, Birth Plans & Blogging About Baby


Almost as soon as I found out I was pregnant I stared contemplating the 'big' topics. Did I want to follow the standard vaccine schedule?

How much would I blog about my baby?

What type of birth did I want to try for?

Would I cook/feed my kid meat?

Here I am at 20 weeks with a bump I thought was huge at the time. HA.  IMG_8464I've spent the last few months thinking about these issues, and discussing them with Travis. We've come to some loose decisions on how we plan to address each issue. I say loose because, as a first time mom, I'm well aware everything could change once babe is finally here! In the meantime, here's our plan:


The standard vaccine schedule set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has children receiving 25 vaccines by the time they are 15 months old. I have nothing against vaccines. They are awesome. They helped eradicate horrible diseases. We, as a country, are lucky to have access to them at relatively low costs.

However, I do think the current schedule is a bit much for a baby to handle. We have decided to do a delayed vaccine schedule, where baby will get all of the recommended shots, but instead of getting up to 5 in one visit he will get no more than 2 or 3. It means more trips to the doctors for us, but I feel better not overwhelming his little system and knowing if he does have a negative reaction to one it will be easier to figure out which one it is. The only vaccine we may skip altogether is the flu shot. I haven't received one since I was a baby, and I've read a lot of studies that found their effectiveness to be negligible. I think we will take it on a year-by-year basis. If we live in an area that's preparing for a particularly bad flu season, then we may get it. The AAP suggests babies get their first annual shot at age 6 months and since he won't be in daycare in the foreseeable future (so his interactions with others will be limited) I don't think it is necessary at that age.

Blogging About My Children

I am a chronic over-sharer. As a teacher, as a blogger, and as a person in general I'm always as open and honest as I can be. When I think about blogging about my children the first thing I worry about is their privacy and safety. Virtually every blogger I know has put their childs full name out on their blog! With that information, knowing what city they live in, and just browsing the parks or stores they visit on their instagrams, a stranger would be able to easily find out what school they attend.

That is frightening to me. I realized when I started blogging that the same thing could be applied to someone finding out where I worked. My teaching schedule was published online, so anyone could have found out exactly when and where I would be on campus. I took that risk, but I will not be doing the same with my child. So, while I will absolutely be blogging about him, and sharing photos, I won't be using his name on here. I know if people really wanted to find out what it was that they could, but I'll sleep better at night at least keeping that part of his identity as private as possible.

Birth Plan

I know the #1 thing about birth plans is that you have to be prepared for them not go to as planned. In the end all I want is a happy and healthy baby. If that means I need to have a c-section, so be it. Ideally, I'm going to try for a medication light birth. I don't want to say medication free because I'm sure I'll be administered some medicine, but I hope to avoid using pitocin or having an epidural.

We will be declining the Hepatitis vaccine and eye drops for the baby. Since we don't have hepatitis, or the STD's that necessitate the use of the eye drops, we don't see the need for them. He will get his hepatitis vaccine but at a later appointment. We will be getting the Vitamin K shot, and the hospital does delayed cord clamping standard now which was our only other request.

Will Baby Be a Vegetarian?

As a vegetarian for over 8 years now I wondered how it would work raising a kid with a carnivore. I decided to stop eating meat for dietary and ethical reasons. I don't force my decision onto my husband, so I'm not going to do it to my child. I know since I'll be working from home I'll be the primary chef for little guy so he will naturally eat mostly vegetarian (until he's old enough to demand I make him fish sticks or chicken nuggets.) I told Travis my only request is that he buy organic meat if he thinks he may share what he's cooking with our kid/s.

My diet isn't perfect; I eat far too much processed foods and junk food. I do the best I can and hope that my kid will enjoy healthy foods. However, I know when we are attending friends birthday parties and they've got pepperoni pizza and Doritos out that there's no point in trying to get him to eat some tofu burger and GF chips I brought for him instead. Life's too short. Let them eat cake.

If you are a blogger how often do you  blog about your kids?

Anyone raising vegetarian children? Is it hard when they are surrounded with non-vegetarian friends?