Vegetarian Meal Prep Ideas + Carb Cycling Results


It's meal prep day! I love doing my weekly meal prep on Sunday. I also need to catch up on some cleaning, and I'm spending a few hours shooting and editing videos for an eCourse I'm hoping to finish up this month. So many exciting things going on over here! On Friday I got a package from Natural Life. After seeing how much I loved their stuff when I shared a few items my Mom got me on Periscope they let me pick out a few things. I'll share the rest soon but I couldn't help snapping a photo of this little camper mug. How freaking adorable is this?! IMG_8969

Yesterday we went to Fred Meyer to do our weekly grocery shopping and I drooled over the doughnuts for a while. I completed my first six weeks of carb cycling and took the weekend off from the plan. I didn't get any doughnuts but I did come across these unsightly little things. IMG_8999

Now, what I did indulge in, (and boot camp clients of mine shield your eyes!)....

All the carbs.

All the cheese.

So. Much. Food. IMG_9044

I went back for a third slice too! Plus I had lots of chocolate. So much chocolate. My stomach hurt.

It didn't take long for me to realize how much I truly love eating healthy foods. They make me feel happy. Yes, I felt happy for a few moments eating my pizza and chocolate but the rest of the day I felt lethargic and super tired. I miss my natural energy high! I'm so glad I stocked up on healthy food for next week and will be hopping right back into the plan with my clients on Monday.


Travis literally bought two things at the store yesterday. This was all me. You don't realize how much food you can eat when you are eating real food! IMG_1887 We go through about 20 bananas a week in this house now. I usually have 1-2 a day (unless it's low carb day), Travis will have one a day, and now baby boy is eating some every day. My menu for the week will be:

Breakfast: Zoats or Scrambled Eggs with Jalapeno Tofu

Lunch: Chickpea Salad or Miso Split Pea Soup

Dinner: Protein Smoothie

Snacks: Fruit, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, Glow bars and GF crackers.

I took some progress photos and measurements yesterday. I lost 2" off my waist in 6 weeks and couldn't believe the difference I saw in the before and after photos! I'll share the photos and more thoughts on carb cycling later this week. I'm going to continue carb cycling indefinitely. I'm eating an average of 2000 calories a day and still losing weight and dropping body fat!

Without carb cycling I'm confident I'd fall right back into my food rut of eating the same things almost every day. I may tweak the plan a little as I'd like to start marathon training in a few weeks, but I'll stick to the 5 day cycle with low carb days and some intermittent fasting.

Today I'm dragging Travis out shopping to look for some new home decor for the house. He's got a 10 mile run to do, and I'll probably take little man out for a walk while he's running. It's supposed to be in the 50's here all week so I'm looking forward to getting outside every day!

How is your weekend going?

What is your favorite meal/snack to indulge in?