Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

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My poor Mom.

Every year she spends hours in the kitchen for a meal that maybe lasts 30 minutes. For the last few years she's been trying to come up with a Thanksgiving menu that satisfies multiple dietary restrictions. This year it's even more complicated with the new addition to the family! Here's what Mom has to avoid: all gluten and grains for dad (Celiacs disease and he eats grain-free on top of that), no meats for me, and no tomatoes, onions or sweet potatoes for Travis. So, I'm interested to see what she comes up with!

In 2012 it was delicious stuffed portobello mushrooms and her amazing carrot salad:

Thanksgiving1Last year the standout dish was a candied pecan, apple, pear & cheese salad:


I'm starting to make room in my stomach now for this years apple pie. I also found a couple new recipes that would go perfect with our feast!

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What dish are you most looking forward to this Thanksgiving?