Wait, was that supposed to be a weekend?

Because it surely did not feel like one! I kicked off Friday rocking some of my favorite hoop earrings - they are sparkly so I only feel like I can wear them during the Holiday season (I'm so low key fashion wise this is a big deal for me!)

That day in class we discussed one of my favorite topics - having children. Should you? When? Why? What happens if you don't?

Not surprisingly the class got into a pretty heated discussion!

After class, and a short lunch break at home, I headed to Panera to camp out for a few hours and start grading papers. Between my 6 classes I'll have about 160 turned in this week and I grade them at the rate of about 6 per hour. Do the math and I'm looking at just shy of 27 hours of extra work this week.


I actually really reading their assignments because they let me get to know the students so well. There's one where I ask them to discuss stereotypes they have and where they think they came from, a Freudian analysis of their dreams, reactions to the Jonestown massacre and body language observation (which I 'trained' them the basics of reading in class one day). It's so much fun but adds up to a lot of extra work for me this week.

That night I actually took a break from grading to clean. Who actually views cleaning as a 'fun' break from work on a Friday night? This girl.

I was supervised closely by my prison warden. Salem looks like SUCH a creeper here.

I snapped a less psychotic picture of him that night. I rolled over in bed and saw him under the covers with me, with one little hang hanging out like a person sleeping. The picture quality is bad since I had to use a flash but he just looked so stinking cute.

Saturday morning I was up at 5 a.m. and decided to do my long run. I killed it. If there was ever a doubt in my mind before about being a 'real' runner, I think I'm officially over that.

While running I realized I may need to start refueling during my long runs. I started to get pretty tired after the hour mark and the idea of a quick shot of sugar/caffeine sounded perfect. I had to go pick up a new pair of my favorite running socks that afternoon so I grabbed some GU packets to try out next weekend.

Saturday night I had a mad craving for carbs and didn't feel like cooking so I ate a can of Annies Organic Ravoili. It's been in my pantry for a year maybe and goodness it was incredible!

Sunday I worked out, did some laundry, and made the weekly grocery run. My bill was a bit higher than normal this week ($70 instead of $50, as I explained in my 'healthy living on a budget' post). There were a few things on sale BOGO that I always use so I went ahead and grabbed some to stock up. I saved $15 in sales & coupons though!

Finally, I received this gorgeous outfit from YogiClothing last week. The bottoms are perfect for me! I hate super short or tight workout clothes and these have the thick, high waistband I love. The back of the top is my favorite - the cutout and straps are comfortable and give the outfit a nice 'trendy' feel without trying to hard.

I don't do a whole lot of yoga so I busted out my 'guns' so I could show off how I'll be more likely using these clothes! ;)

Well - I'm staring down the last week of lectures before finals start. I'm imagining a couple of momentary stress freak-outs, maybe a bit more chocolate consumption than normal,  but I can make it (can you tell I keep trying to convince myself of that?)

Oh, and I'm hopefully moving at the end of this month! In town, and more details as soon as I know if I got the place I really want! Also, look for another great giveaway on here either this week or next (as soon as I get the goodies, I can't wait to share!)

Any other students/teachers out there counting down the days until the Holiday break?

For those of you who fuel during long runs, what do you recommend I try next?