Warm and Nutty Quinoa

I eat oatmeal for breakfast 99.9% of the time. I sometimes go to bed looking forward to it. It's just so warm and filling and comforting! I usually make 1/2 a cup of instant oats and add some sugar free maple syrup and a little bit of brown sugar to it. Sounds yummy, right? With that said it takes a lot for me to try a new breakfast recipe. Ever since eating at Le Pain Quotidien in NYC this March I have been daydreaming of porridge. Look at how spectacular our breakfast was there!

Matt had steel cut oatmeal with berries (on the left) and I had harvest cranberry porridge (right) and we split the cheese almond danish. It may have taken me a few months since coming back to Pensacola to try a new breakfast item but I never forgot that warm, nutty porridge!

After reviewing recipes I decided on this Warm and Nutty Cinnamon Quinoa from 101cookbooks.com. Aside from the fact that her photos had me drooling I already had quinoa on hand so I only had to grab some blackberries for the dish. I cut the recipe in half since I wasn't sure how well it would go over and quinoa can be pricey! I ended up loving the dish but Matt was less than enthusiastic about it. He actually didn't even finish it and I had his last few bites! I loved the interesting texture and cinnamon + berry combination but I think he didn't care for the overall feel of the dish. I will likely make it again sometime when I'm reminisching about your NYC trip!