I wasn't being lazy this weekend - I was getting sick!

Have you ever been SO lazy on a weekend that you genuinely feel bad about it? That was me this weekend.

Saturday I stayed in bed in my pj's until about 2:30 p.m. I took 2 naps between waking up and finally getting out of bed. I watched a lot of Friends on netflix. I ate Udi's GF cheese pizza for lunch, in bed.

2015-01-10 11.19.00I found this three pack of single serve Udi's pizzas at Whole Foods in Tallahassee last month and so wish I could find them locally!  They are only 400 calories and SO GOOD. The regular size Udi's are about 700 calories and I eat the whole thing at once, so this is a nice built-in portion control. My calories may be a bit higher since I add some extra cheese to it (you know frozen pizzas never have enough cheese on it!)


I finally got out of bed and went for a 5 mile walk/run. I haven't been running lately, at all. I'm just not feeling it. So I compromised with myself and alternated between running 1 mile and walking 1 (total 3 ran, 2 walked.) My overall pace was still like 13:xx so I think I may try this approach for my woefully under-trained 4th marathon/5th half marathon coming up at the end of this month in New Orleans.

As a reward to myself for finally getting out of bed I made Travis take me to Cheeburger, Cheeburger for dinner. We usually get a medium fry to share, but this time we went large. It's serves 4-5 people. We couldn't finish it. 2015-01-10 18.02.29

Travis is in between classes now so he's taking advantage of some rare free time and catching up on his neglected video games. I woke up Sunday morning and saw this out in the living room. Apparently he pulled out the sleeping bag my parents got him for Christmas and spent the night playing video games in it. His cat, Smokey, is a fan.

2015-01-11 08.28.58 Sunday I was slightly more productive than Saturday. I was up around 6:30 and worked for a few hours, cleaned the house, and spent a few hours reading. Then I made the huge mistake of trying out the first episode of Call the Midwives. I finished the entire first season yesterday. Granted, the first season only has 6 episodes but still. A bit much. I went out for a 4 mile walk before we went grocery shopping to try and shake off some of the excessive laziness of the day.

I woke up today with a stuffy nose and a couple of sneezes. YES. I'm not totally lazy, I'm just getting sick! Hopefully it's nothing major, but here's to a great excuse for reading/watching Netflix all day on the couch!

How was your weekend?