We Spent Father's Day in Labor and Delivery

Hindsight is 20/20. Looking back on my weekend, and the pregnancy funk I was in, I think my body was trying to tell me something. Shortly after I hit 'save' on yesterday's blog post (that I wrote late Sunday night) I realized my Braxton Hicks contractions were coming on more regularly, and I hadn't felt the baby moving quite as much as normal.

I did a kick count, where you are supposed to get 10 kicks in two hours, and he hit that mark in an hour. They were very, very faint movements though. Normally he's rolling and punching all over the place at night. I knew Travis was getting ready to go to bed (poor guy is waking up at 3 a.m. for the portion of school he's in now) so I decided to call the nurses line for my OB's office just in case they said to go in asap.Β When I spoke to the nurse I told her I had done all the stuff you are 'supposed to' when Braxton Hicks are coming on regularly. I drank a ton of water, laid on my side, and counted them out. I also drank some OJ to get baby moving.

The nurse said things didn't sound too alarming, but it was always better to be safe than sorry and suggested I go in. So, Travis and I quickly got ready and made the 45 minute drive to the hospital, arriving around 9:30 p.m..

Of course by the time I got there I stopped feeling all contractions! We had to check in at the ER and they would take us up to Labor and Delivery. I had to get in a wheelchair to be taken up there through the crowd waiting in the ER. Pretty embarrassing.

Once up in Labor and Delivery we checked in, waited about 10 minutes, and were put in an exam room. I was given a gown to change into and a cup to pee in. I was warned the bathroom was shared with one other room so I needed to lock both doors when using it. When I opened the door to go in I saw blood all over the floor and toilet. I told Travis, who jumped up to see, and he was equally shocked (I think he thought I was exaggerating!) I opened the main door to my room and told one of the nurses who immediately cleaned it up for me.

Turns out the woman in the room next to me was also 29 weeks and her water had broken. I heard a female doctor talking to her about C-sections and thought it sounded like my regular OB. She shares a practice with 3 other doctors so there's always a 25% chance she'll actually be there. Thankfully, it was her! She's the same OB who did my D&C last year so I love having someone who really knows me, and my history, around.

I laid in the bed and they hooked up the monitors to my stomach. Two soft bands, one to measure baby's heartbeat and one to measure contractions. The nurse left, and said she'd be back in after a while of monitoring (they can see the monitors activity from the nurses station.) I hadn't felt any contractions still, and started to feel silly for causing all this fuss, when I finally felt a little one. A few minutes later the nurse came in carrying an IV bag. I thought she was just holding it to take to a different room after checking in on me.

Nope. That IV bag was all for me.

She said that as soon as she left the room contractions started showing up on the monitor, gradually increasing in frequency and intensity. I was contracting every 1-5 minutes without even feeling it! They wanted to get me started on an IV for fluids asap (even though she said my urine looked great and I wasn't dehydrated) and gave me a shot of terbutaline in my arm to stop the contractions.

Of course the IV didn't take the first time. She attempted to put it in my forearm, which I was relieved about since IV's in the top of my hand never go well, but the forearm one failed. That felt lovely. Next, she went to the top of the hand and luckily got it on the first try.

LandDShe warned me the fluids would be cold, but I had no idea my whole body would start shivering almost immediately! Part of it was nerves, but part of it was how cold the fluids felt. She said the shot in my arm would burn, but it honestly wasn't bad at all.

After that they did a Fetal Fibronectin test. This test can detect if a women is likely to go into labor in the next 1-2 weeks. It was a quick cotton swab in the cervix and then 45 minutes to get the results. After that they checked to see if I was dilated at all and I wasn't.

The test results came back negative, and my contractions stopped after the injection, so I was discharged around midnight. The doctor told me no more exercising until I can follow up with her in a week or two. The health of my baby is my top priority, but it still sucked to hear that! Since I work from home going outside for a walk is sometimes the only time I leave the house for the day. I know once the baby is here I'll probably long for a two week period where I'm 'forced' to sit on the couch all day, eating food, and watching Seinfeld (cannot wait for that to start streaming on Hulu this week - how perfectly timed,)

Within 10 minutes of leaving the hospital I started having contractions again. I called and they said it was okay, and to just go home and rest. Of course I got horrible sleep last night. My arm is throbbing and my nerves are shot. Every time I get a contraction I worry, every time I go 10 minutes without feeling the baby move I worry. Basically - I worry 24/7. I know that's not going to help the baby any so I'm trying to just keep busy and look at the positives.

Last I heard the other woman admitted right before me was on track to deliver her baby as they could not stop the contractions. The nurse told me that any baby born prior to 34 weeks is taken immediately to Birmingham hospital, 3 1/2 hours away. She also said because of my small frame that it's very likely I'll go into labor early (she told me to have my bags packed sometime before 37 weeks.) So my goal is to keep baby boy cooking until at least 35 weeks. That's only 6 weeks away - it will just fly by.


Any mom's have experience with pre-term contractions before? Did you deliver early, or full-term?Β