Week in {Strength} Workouts

Workout Wrap UpNov 22

As much as I wish my foot was feeling 100% normal it was kind of nice to be forced into strength training more since I couldn't run this week. I basically gave up all strength training once marathon training started and I'm thrilled to find that I haven't lost much muscle! I'm not as toned as I used to be (more so because of a few pounds of weight gained) but I was able to use my 8 lb weights in my workouts this week which is what I used to use.

2013-11-20 09.47.45I've also gotten back into the habit of drinking a few cups of tea a day. I usually have a cup of Ginger tea before I eat breakfast to help get my digestive system going. When I get to work around 9 Β I'll make a cup of Yogi Detox, and before bed I drink a cup of roasted dandelion root. I just picked up some Sugar Cookie flavored tea from Target to try this weekend!

2013-11-21 07.06.00

I've basically worked non-stop this week. I had three huge freelance assignments due which made keeping up with my full-time clinical job, teaching 2 classes, writing for this blog, and working out very, very difficult! I survived though and this weekend I'll continue the 24/7 work party by grading my students final papers. I just keep repeating my new mantra "Thanksgiving is next week."

A friend of mine has been in Denver this week for work and has been sending me the most incredible photos of the snow and mountains. He sent me this pic and I was convinced it was fake. I shower it to my boss, who grew up in Boston, and she agreed it wasn't real. I told him I didn't appreciate his lies and he actually sent me a video of the snow falling on glass and it did look just like this. It's stunning!

2013-11-21 11.19.50Speaking of stunning ... here's your weekly Salem portrait. Like how I styled his hair? He wasn't a fan.

2013-11-18 21.31.30So, my other big news from the week is that I'm moving. I love, love, love my studio but I despise my landlord. My lease is up at the end of December and I've officially not renewed it. The next few weeks are going to be insane now between a weekend in Chicago, going to Gainesville Β to see my brother graduate the following week, Christmas, and now packing/moving in the middle of it all. Fortunately, I got rid of so much junk when I moved into this studio that I can't imagine packing taking very long. The biggest hurdle is going to be finding a place in the neighborhood I'm in now that I can afford. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

When your looking for a new place what are your 'must have' criteria? What are your plans for the weekend? Let me live vicariously through you as I slave away grading papers!