Week in Workouts + Good News x2

Workout Wrap UpMay 31

My favorite workout this week was definitely the Gate-to-Gate Run I completed on Memorial Day on Eglin Air Force Base. I was super active all weekend just enjoying the somewhat nice weather (although the high's are getting into the 90's already!)

IMG_6694The only strength training I did this week was with Tracey Mallet. I shot this picture of my 'home gym' after the workout. I know I'm not ripped or super lean but I think I'm in decent shape and I love showing people that you can be fit with very minimal equipment and definitely without a gym membership!

2013-05-29 08.57.38

My lovely neighbor brought me over some Fresh Market trail mix as a thank you for looking in on her cat last weekend. It's already half gone but I'll be using the rest on salads to bring to work next week.

Wait, did I just say work?

Yep. I got myself a JERB! It's perfect. If you read my passion vs. money post last week my goal was to find something that offered a stable income, but allowed me to still work on the site 20ish hours a week, and train for ... life basically (no set races on the agenda.) I knew a part-time job would be perfect but I was apprehensive because (1) part-time jobs don't come with benefits and baby needs a new pair of teeth and (2) most part-time jobs are low paying and not very meaningful.

Well, half of my wishes came true! I start work today as a Clinical Research Assistant for one of the Hospitals here in Pensacola. My Masters in Psychology focused on research design and analysis and that's what I'll be helping with in my new position. My supervisor and I hit it off immediately and she called me the morning after the interview and said she texted her CEO that she 'really, really, really, really wanted me to work there.' It's such an incredible feeling being excited about a job! For now it's part-time (20-30 hours a week) although she's already stated it could easily become full-time in the near future because of all the research they are getting ready to start on. She said I can basically make my own schedule up so I can work around classes if I decide to teach (and the department has asked me to teach a few in the Fall again.) They are also okay with my travel plans this summer. Plus, working in a hospital is going to be so much fun! #HusbandHunting

I'm just floored. I'm SO happy I get to share good news with you all. I hope reading my  blog lately hasn't been a bummer at all because I know I've been going through a lot in life, and sharing it all with you, but I've tried to stay optimistic because I know things always workout somehow.

Someone who hasn't been very happy this week is poor Salem-pants. His diet started Tuesday and this is what I woke up to on Wednesday. He'll live, and hopefully longer and with better health now that he's going to trim up a bit!

2013-05-30 05.23.43

On to good news #2. I actually found out about the job yesterday morning right after my Mom came over to hang out for the day. She took the week off from her job and she came over to do some antiquing and shopping. I also wanted her to be with me for the last-minute appointment I made with the dermatologist. I spotted a weird looking mole on my scalp a few months ago and after pointing it out to my parents this past weekend they voiced some fairly serious concerns that it didn't look right and I should get it checked out. Given my idiotic history with indoor tanning I knew I should get it looked at asap.

Before the appointment we stopped by Roly Poly to grab lunch. I get the same thing every time - this ridiculously good Spa Salad. I'll be making something similar to take to work next week!

2013-05-30 11.54.33After lunch we went to my appointment. Thankfully the doc said it looks to be benign but she does want me to come back in 3 months to recheck it. She was a bit concerned that it just appeared within the last few months and offered to biopsy it on the spot. I was tempted, but she assured me she thinks its harmless and if it's changed at all when I go in next we'll biopsy it then.

2013-05-30 13.16.13

So how do you celebrate all sorts of good news? Frozen Yogurt! One of my absolute favorite treats and I haven't indulged in it for months. I managed to control myself and kept the toppings to a reasonable amount (and yes, what you see below is a reasonable amount to me!)

2013-05-30 14.19.16

I'm happy.