Week in Workouts

 Workout Wrap UpSept 6

When we received our training schedule for the month a few weeks ago I dreaded this week. The worst is yet to come (15 miles Saturday with 12 at Marathon Pace) but I'm feeling so much more confident about it after a few great runs this week!

Tuesday my running buddy and I did a medium-long run of 8  miles. The pace was pretty slow, but this was at the height of my tooth pain so I'm using that as an excuse. I also had to stop mid-way and use the restroom at the YMCA where I realized I had put my underwear on wrong that morning (Hey, I get up at 4:40 a.m. cut me some slack!) I tried to take my capris off, which were soaked from sweat, without taking my shoes off and ended up twisting myself into a pretzel in the bathroom stall trying to get back into them. Not cute.

2013-09-03 07.30.13

Thursday's run went much better! I ended up going quicker than my assigned pace (one of the number 1 no-no's for training!) and averaged under 10 minutes per mile for 7 miles. That's crazy good for me! It's just what I needed to boost my confidence for this weekend long run.  It's another 15 miles but this time 12 will be at marathon pace (10:15) and we've been doing all our long runs at 11:30 so that's a decent jump in time. I'm still a little concerned, but I'm going to do my best.

2013-09-05 07.09.48

Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. The killer 7 mile run put me into the best mood and I got to wear a new outfit to work. I picked up the dress weeks ago but couldn't find the right shoes to go with it until I came across these beauties at Kohls last weekend. Yes I realize my glasses are gigantic. They were also $10 at Target years ago so as long as they stick around I ain't buying new ones.

2013-09-05 08.59.39

I wanted to dress up a bit more than normal since I was meeting my Dad after work to attend a lecture at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. The lecturer was Dr. Davis, author of the #1 NY Times National Bestseller Wheat Belly. Since Dad has Celiac's and I'm just a total health nut we were both excited to attend.

wheat belly

Despite some serious lack of space at the IHMC (and quite a few pissed off people who made reservations but couldn't even get seats) the lecture was incredible. Dr. Davis was entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. His basic premise is this: the wheat we eat now is nothing like what our ancestors started eating 10,000 years ago and even then wheat wasn't really suitable for human digestion (it's cow food!) Now, dozens of autoimmune disorders, like my Hashimotos, can be triggered by excess wheat in our diet. Not just wheat, but specifically a protein call Gliadin. I had never heard of Gliadin before but if your interested in reading more Dr. Davis has a lot of great articles on it on his website. Wheat is an opiate (you know, like morphine) and people get addicted. Since our bodies can't digest it properly it triggers all sorts of nasty responses to this 'foreign object.' Left me with quite a lot to think about. I'm already 80% gluten free but now I'm going to start seeing what it would be like to plan a week of meals Gliadin free.

There are actually a few things I'm hoping to do this weekend! There is a meditation workshop Saturday afternoon and a lecture on alternative healing on Sunday. The only reason I wouldn't do both is that they cost money and I'm trying to be super cautious about my spending after this months unexpected dental bill. But ... I also rarely spend money anymore and really want to go to these so I'm thinking I can justify it!

Where do you stand on the wheat vs. no-wheat argument?