Week in Workouts

Workout Wrap Upsept 20

Running felt great this week! I'm sure it has to do with the recovery week I took last week where I cut back on mileage a bit and slowed down my pace. All of my runs felt energetic and like I was running with 'fresh legs.' On Monday I actually ran the 7 miles without stopping a single time which is a record for me. I normally stop to drink/eat/walk for about 1-2 minutes once on runs over 5 miles.


I was finally motivated enough to do a mini strength session on one of my running rest days this week. Wednesday I busted out my favorite Jillian Michaels ab DVD & did the arms segment from Booty Barre. I was surprised I wasn't sore the next day! Looks like all those planks are helping to keep my upper body somewhat in shape.

2013-09-19 07.09.48

It did make me start thinking of all the other workouts I miss. Pilates, yoga, total body strength ... I just don't have the energy do to anything but the assigned running schedule. I've also started planning what I'm going to do after the marathon. I'm thinking it's time to do my first tri. The only two issues are (1) I'm deathly afraid of bikes after all my accidents (2) I can't really swim and (3) I don't have a bike.

Hey - I love a good challenge. I've also got a few months to save up for a bike.

Some random photos of the week. I've taken to doing shots of PB2 and Lavender Jelly. I juts party so hard sometimes.


I also made up the bestest binder cover at work.

2013-09-18 13.17.31

I channeled Dr. Tobias Funke and practiced for my Blue Man Group auditions.

2013-09-18 18.28.55-1

This week my TMJ pain has been a bit better, although I'm still working on eliminating it completely. I think a lot of my pain can be traced back to knots in my left trapezius. When I run I feel like it worsens any knots there so I'm working on finding a way to carry my iPhone that's not on an armband on my left arm. My running buddy is going to let me borrow her SPI belt for a few days so I can see if that works better. I'm also trying to train myself to sleep on my back which is failing miserably.  I think I may finally make the appt for a massage that I've been talking about doing for weeks now.

I ain't even going to pretend like I'm doing something fun this weekend. I'm doing a 16 mile run Saturday, my longest distance yet, and probably working/food prepping the rest of the day. My goal for Sunday is to do NOTHING. Read, relax, take a walk if my legs are still working after the long run, and generally do all the things I've stopped doing because I never have the time.

If you had an entire day to do whatever you wanted what would you do?