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Workout Wrap Up

Oct 4

First of all - thank you so much for your kind words on my post yesterday. I'm feeling much better now that I've just tried to relax and not worry about everything so much!

Running this week has been good given everything that's going on. I've started trying to do push-ups and planks after most runs to keep some upper body strength. I need to work on squeezing in some ab work at least 2x a week again. It's crazy how much my body has changed since I started focusing primarily on running. I miss the perks of doing pilates/barre a few times a week and can't wait to go back to that.

2013-10-03 06.59.43

Yesterday I made a last minute appointment to see my chiropractor. He helped me out a while ago with some low back pain that kept me in bed for almost a week. I like him because he has a reputation for being very conservative. If he doesn't think he can help you - he won't. He doesn't order unnecessary X-rays or make adjustments if he isn't sure they would be beneficial. I went in to see if he could help with my TMJ pain. Even though the issue is my jaw I feel like I have extreme tightness in my shoulders that may be the cause of it. Plus, he has the coolest name ever (Dr. Finger.)

He spent about 20 minute analyzing my jaw opening and closing, listening to my history and checking my upper back. He could feel a lot of problems with my left jaw, saw that it opened to the left instead of straight down, and noticed an extreme tightness in my back. He adjusted my jaw, neck and shoulders. When he tried to adjust my back I was standing against the wall and he 'pushed' me into it (if you've gone you know what I'm talking about.) Well - after two tries he realized he underestimated how tight my back was. He had me lay down on the table and was able to pop it 3 times. Holla! I left feeling immediately better. He recommended a massage within the next few days to keep my muscles relaxed and said about 60-70% of his patients with TMJ feel good enough after the first visit they don't have to come back. I'm hoping I wake up feeling just as good tomorrow!

Last weekend I received the September Bestowed box - just as good as the month before and almost everything you see here was gone within 2 days (p.s. if your interested in trying Bestowed here's a discount code to use 5OFFBESTOWED03)


Fact: Eating yogurt out of a squeeze tube makes you feel like a kid again.

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This weekend we have a 20 mile long run that I've actually really been looking forward to. Unfortunately, we also have a tropical storm heading out way that's supposed to rain out the whole weekend. GTFO Karen - no one wants you here. Especially since I have a hot date Saturday night. I've gone a year sans dating since my last relationship and for the first time in months I'm actually really excited at the thought of going out and having fun getting to know someone.

October, I already like you way more than September. Let's make out.

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