Week in Workouts

Workout Wrap Up

Oct 1

This has been an atypical week for me. Saturday night I wore heels out and when I got up to use the bathroom that night I felt a 'pop' on my upper right achilles. It didn't hurt, but it felt strange and ever since then my achilles has been a bit sore. Combine that with just not 'feeling' it this week and I decided to take Thursday off instead of doing the scheduled 8 miles.

2013-10-07 06.56.41

Tuesday morning I hit up the chiropractors office again. He's always so shocked at how impossible it is to adjust my back. It took him 3 different positions to get my upper back to release. I followed it up with a 30 minute massage (it's so nice they have massage therapists in the same office!) The woman worked only my ย neck/upper back and after the appointment told me my muscles were on total lock down. ย Yes, I get it, I don't know how I'm walking around either. I'm going in mostly because of my TMJ pain and it has been helping a lot so I will likely go in regularly until I feel I have it more under control. 2013-10-08 09.33.38

Wednesday night I came home from work and immediately fell asleep for an hour. I got up around 7:30, and was back in bed for the night by 8 p.m. I woke up around 5, had breakfast, then went back to bed again for an hour. So - a total of about 12 hours of sleep. Clearly my body is telling me to take it easy! We are so close to the taper period (marathon is in 1 month) that I'm going to try to stick to the schedule but if I keep feeling this run down I am going to cut back the mileage a bit.

I came in to work on Wednesday and found these on my desk. My boss, who knows how much I love the Holidays, picked them up for me. I love my job/s!

2013-10-09 09.18.33Finally - a random gorgeous shot of the water I took on Tuesday's run.

2013-10-08 06.50.50Potentially engaging in some exciting activities this weekend. Do you know how many times I've been to the beach so far this year? Zero.


I live 5 miles from the beach. This is unacceptable! I'm not a huge beach person but I've got to go at least once this year or else I'm pretty sure they will revoke my Florida residency.

What are you going to do this weekend?