Week in Workouts

Workout Wrap Up

Oct 25

I got a taste of what post-marathon life would be like this week. I had an amazing run on Saturday - 21 miles! I gave it my all and I felt it the following days. I tried to run Monday but was so sore I could hardly stand so I ended up walking 2 miles and coming home and doing ab work.

Tuesday I was still a bit stiff but by Thursday I was back at full strength! The cooler temps helped me hit an incredible (for me) pace.

2013-10-24 07.27.24

Wednesday I came out to my car after lunch to go to another hospital to get a signature from one of our doctors. As a clinical research coordinator I can say half of my time is chasing doctors down for things. Well, I go to my car and realized I had a flat tire. I called AAA and they had someone out there in 20 minutes to try and change it. I had a spare in my trunk but we couldn't get to it because of my subs. #GangstaFail I drove it to a pepboys to fix the hole, but they had to put a new tire on. 2 hours and $85 later I finally made it to the hospital. My boss said I've had a string of bad luck lately. Dental issues, broken phone, health issues,...I just gotta laugh and let it roll off me. I enjoyed the extended mid-day break. We had gorgeous weather out and I spent most of my time outside playing candy crush. Can't complain!

Random photos of the week:

I'm obsessed with my new oatmeal concoction! I'm trying out new add-in's as I'm giving my PB2 addiction a break. This week's mix has been flaxseed, hemp protein and chocolate amazing grass. Super filling and with a bit of stevia it's pretty delicious!

2013-10-24 07.48.27-2

I saw this poor dragonfly after my run and thought he was dead (so my first inclination was to take a photo?) When I came outside again to go to work he flew happily away. What a faker!

2013-10-24 07.02.05-1

I bought the cutest new top from Target.

2013-10-21 08.50.42I'll be heading to Fort Walton on Sunday to hang out at the parents for a while. Dad's going to change my oil and I'm planning to wash my car while I'm there (although I know I won't.) We are also going to carve pumpkins! The main reason though is because Mom's recording the latest Good Witch movie for me that premiers on Hallmark Saturday night. She burns them onto DVD's and I have them all at home. Saying I'm obsessed with that series is an understatement. They are the cheesiest movies ever, but just so adorable.

What is your favorite Halloween movie?