Week In Workouts

Workout Wrap UpNov 15Could it be? An actual day of strength training! Oh em gee.

It felt great to pull out one of my favorite Jillian Michael's DVD this week. I went with level 2 and my arms were shaking as I put on my make-up. I forgot how good that felt! My run on Thursday was 4 miles at my usual pace and I felt pretty stiff the first 2, and started to feel sore around mile 3. I should have stopped then but for some reason I wanted to push it to 4. Check out how cold it was - 42 degrees is basically below zero by Florida standards.2013-11-14 06.55.16 I've been trying to reign in my eating habits now that I'm not running 40+ miles a week. It's been pretty easy going back to my pre-training diet. There have definitely been some temptations! On Tuesday I had to present to our IRB board for the first time on my own. An IRB board is a group of people who decide whether or not you can do a study. Most universities and hospitals have them. They can be really intimidating! Thankfully things went well and after I hit up the hospital cafeteria. Anyone who attends the IRB meetings gets a free lunch so even though I always bring my own I like to pick up a few things I can bring home with me.

Of course they had this ridiculous spread of treats out that day! I resisted temptation and grabbed a green tea and greek yogurt. I had an incredible salad waiting for me in my office so that helped! I shared this picture on my twitter that day and explained that eating healthy is an active choice for me. It's not always easy, but I'm glad 9 times out of 10 I stick to my clean eating.  2013-11-12 13.30.38Wednesday night a few members of our marathon training group got together for a dinner at Running Wild. I swung by Fresh Market after work to pick up a fruit plate and saw they had this adorable Christmas display set up! I can't believe the holidays, and my trip to Chicago, are almost here!2013-11-13 16.26.24No - I didn't wear my medal in to work this week, but I thought about it! {Runners, what do you do with your medals?} 2013-11-12 08.34.55This is my first weekend in 4 months without a long run scheduled! I'm going to plan to keep up long runs of 8-12 miles on the weekends after I give myself a few weeks to ease back into them. I have a huge freelance assignment due next week that I'll be working on most of Sunday. I also want to spend some time crafting up some new ideas for the blog. I know it's been running-centric lately and I'm looking forward to getting back to more diversity in my writing here.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?