Week in Workouts (& Injuries)

Workout Wrap Upsept 13

Prior to marathon training if I got injured or had to take more than one day off in a row I'd panic and feel antsy not being able to work out. I use exercise as my anti-anxiety medication. It gives me energy for the day. Take that away and I'd usually feel 'blah' and pout over not being able to get my fix.

Two months into marathon training and I get injured and my thoughts are now "Well, maybe I should take an extra day ... or three ... to make sure I'm okay before running again." Thankfully this happened during a scheduled recovery week with lower mileage and slower pace. I ended up only taking one unscheduled rest day and went out Thursday morning with the intention of running as far as I could and as slow as I needed. Success!

2013-09-12 07.27.25

My knee still hurts, but when I fell I hit it mostly on the top portion of the knee, so not the area that's actively moving around when running. I figured I could run slowly and it wouldn't hurt more than when I'm just walking around and I was correct. I anticipated a bit of pain,  because that's just what happens when your hurl 120 pounds on to the pavement at full force, but it wasn't affecting my form so I managed to do 5 miles.

I'm so glad I work in an office where I can post up like this and no one minds!

2013-09-11 15.13.16

I also tried to keep in mind that no matter how frustrated I was with my situation it could have been a lot worse and there are so many people around me right now fighting far greater battles. One of our patients had his second leg amputated this week and a co-worker is going in for surgery soon to remove a tumor from her lung. I hate it when people try to diminish other people's struggles with remarks like "Yes, but so many people have it so much worse than you!" because it's okay to feel badly about what you're going through, but it's important to keep it in perspective. I've also got this guy with me so things can't be that bad:

2013-09-09 19.40.22

Other than that hot mess my week was pretty uneventful. I'm going back to the dentist next week to get my night guard for TMJ and I'm pretty stoked about that. I've got tons of random medical related stuff all coming up soon: annual eye appointment, thyroid/hormone blood work, and a skin cancer recheck after the spot I went in for a few months ago. Don't you just love getting older.

I did want to share this excerpt from a "Grandfather Remembers" book my Mom had Grandpa fill out a few years ago. If you have a grandparent I highly encourage you send them one to fill out as there will come a time you wish you knew more about them! It's so fun to read their answers and I learned more about my grandpa in reading this book then I ever did by hanging out with him.


What's your favorite story about your grandparents?

What's on your weekend agenda?