Week in Workouts: Moving Edition

Workout Wrap Up

Dec 27

Moving definitely counts as exercise. Saturday I had the grand idea to run 10 miles, then move my house. Sunday I finished up moving and unpacking, and Monday I spent about 3 hours cleaning. I'm counting all this as workouts since my arms were so sore I could hardly move them until Tuesday.

2013-12-26 07.24.24

I've been neglecting strength training this week since my weights are at my old house. I'll be picking them up to do some abs & arms today, but it's been a lot of running this week. Works out well since my brother got me registered for a half marathon I'll be running with Dad next weekend! Doubt I'll pull a PR (only ran one official half and it was in 2:20) but it will be fun to do my first post-Marathon race.

Aside from all the Christmas/moving fun I haven't done a lot this week. I picked up a few books at Barnes and Noble that I've been devouring. The origin and evolution of gender roles is something the bf and I talk about often (how fun do we sound?) and I'm still playing with the idea of penning a nationally best-selling non-fiction work so I consider all this research.

2013-12-22 15.35.32

This is how Salem lays next to me as I read:

2013-12-23 09.08.29

In a bit of unfortunate news this week marks my last at the hospital I've been working at. When I started the position in May it was Β listed as part-time and my supervisor thought we'd be able to work around my teaching schedule. When the Spring schedule came out and I was asked to teach 2 new classes that I really, really wanted to be a part of the hospital told me that they wouldn't be able to let me off during those times. So, I put my 2 weeks in last week. It was an extremely difficult decision since I loved the hospital job so much (working as a Clinical Research Coordinator) but it came down to asking myself; which job would I regret passing up on more?

So, I'm going to be spending lots of time gearing up to teach this class that involves a shit-ton of math (that's a metric measurement, right?) and looking forward to having more time to spend ramping up this site and my freelance work. There have been a lot of changes happening in my life lately, but I'm handling them well (most days) and in my heart I know that everything that's going on is taking me in the right direction.

2013-12-26 18.16.48

Have you ever had to leave a job you loved?