Week in Workouts & My Surprise Project

Workout Wrap UpJuly 19Workouts this week have been pretty normal except for bumping up the mileage just a teeny bit and trying out tempo runs and stride-outs. I'm also getting in as much barre and strength routines as I can before my marathon training takes center stage!

I think my favorite workout this week were the two 6 mile runs. The tempo run was interesting since my default paces has been 10:30 for months now. The first 3 miles were just over 11 and then I picked up the pace a bit and can't believe I managed to get a mile under 9 minutes! That hasn't happened outside of a 5k before. Looks like this training is already paying off ;) 2013-07-16 07.35.48

If you remember my post on Monday I mentioned working on a super secret project all day Sunday. Well - the recipient has received the package so I get to share the ridiculously cheese-tastic gifts I made for him.


I suppose a bit of background information is necessary here. Brandon and I dated for a very brief period of time back in 2005 (26 days to be exact) and haven't seen each other since that time. A few years ago we reconnected via facebook and enjoyed playing catch-up via phone before life somehow got in the way again and we stopped talking. Well, a few weeks ago the reconnect game repeated and I am really enjoying getting to know him again! I was using livejournal during the time we dated so I went back and re-read all the entries (23-year-old Erica was a hot mess) and had forgotten how much fun we had together.

So, for his birthday (which is today!) I wanted to put together a little package to send to him - all the way in Washington. Unfortunately, he is extremely geographically undesirable (or maybe I am?) so the logistics of getting together are proving to be a bit complicated. Something is already in the works though!

At first I just picked him up a card. Then I got the idea to do the cross-stitch since (1) I love doing them and (2) found it extremely ironic to do a cross-stitch commemorating a relationship that lasted 26 days. Then, I came across the idea for this coffee mug and thought it would be a great present to represent our 'present.' Finally,  I realized I had a past gift, and a present one, and the Magic 8-Ball came into the picture to represent our future.  2013-07-14 11.29.46I started wrapping everything and came across these vintage clue cards I used as gift tags. Adorables.

2013-07-15 07.32.34

If you're not sick to your stomach yet with cuteness it gets worse/better. The same day his package arrived I came home to find a package on my doorstep from him. Not for my birthday or anything, but just because he's awesome and knows the way to my heart is through my cat! IMG_6904

Salem was quite pleased with all the gifts!


The package couldn't have been more perfectly timed. After my dental appt Tuesday to put my new crowns on I had my thyroid levels checked on Wednesday morning. Two craptasticular events in 24 hours. Still waiting on the blood work results!2013-07-17 08.21.26-2As for the crowns I'm SO happy with the size/shape of them. However - I'm not in love with the coloring they did. They used two different colors on the crowns to try to mimic how a real tooth has thicker/thinner parts that reflect light differently and I'm not thrilled with the result. The dentist offered to redo them but that means getting these ripped out and new ones put on and honestly just the thought of more dental work kind of makes me want to cry. {Edit: I broke down and asked for them to be redone so I'll be going back on Wednesday next week. I'm also getting valium to take before this time so my awesome Mom will be coming over to take me to the appt.}

2013-07-17 16.56.50-1

At least I've got two guys in my life who've made me feel a helluva lot better this week.

2013-07-17 16.52.01-1

What's the best handmade gift you've received (or given?)