Week in Workouts: New Years Edition

Workout Wrap UpJan 3

I'm like Nostradamus. My predictions that 2014 would be awesome are 100% correct (so far!) I'm pumped for my first half marathon of the year this weekend, and the first race I'll be doing with my Dad. He's looking to run it under 2 hours, but I'll just be happy if I do better than my only other official half marathon time of 2:20. It's supposed to be 34 degrees that morning which is sub-zero in Florida temperatures.

I ran past this store display on NYE and almost had a heart attack. 2013-12-31 08.03.07I've been using my new Garmin this week and will do a full review on it soon. I've been using a Polar heart rate monitor for the last year so this is a big adjustment from that. I love a lot of things about it, but also have a few gripes. Overall I know it will come in handy as I work toward lowering my pace times.  2014-01-02 15.05.41Early in the week I met up with a friend at Sluggo's. The bf took me there for my first time a few weeks ago and their food is healthy, vegetarian, and pretty cheap. I'm likely going to be eating there on the reg (does anyone even say that anymore, or did I just sound old as hell?) I had a blast catching up with my friend, and talking with her helped me solidify my ideas for a book. I'll divulge more details on that as it progresses.  2013-12-30 17.07.46New Year's Eve the bf and I planned to go out, but ended up staying in watching documentaries and drinking champagne. #MyKindOfParty. I had to nap earlier in the day to make it up past midnight.  2013-12-31 22.12.08The next morning he whipped up an incredible breakfast for us. I went with scrambled eggs with a black bean burger crumbled up in it, pepperjack cheese, and salsa.  2014-01-01 10.32.03His meal obviously had a bit more substance to it! I lucked out snagging a guy who can cook so well, and doesn't mind making accommodations for my vegetarian/limited gluten & dairy diet. 2014-01-01 11.05.27Obligatory Salem photo. He's still waiting on those reports.  2014-01-01 17.19.57Thursday morning I woke up feeling like crud. I've been feeling like I'm on the verge of getting sick for weeks, so of course it gets worse the week I lose my health insurance and have a half marathon to run. I loaded up on Vitamin C, Zinc, Herbal Teas (Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat and Gypsy Cold Care are the best ever when I'm feeling sickly), and ice cream. And South Park ... Kim Kardashian is a Hobbit.  2014-01-02 10.18.30I had a temperature hoovering just under 100 most of the morning but really wanted to get my last training run in before the half so I did 4 easy miles that afternoon. I felt a bit better right after, but hopefully I don't end up regretting that run!

Some other random thoughts/news from the week:

- I'm in total denial the new term starts Monday

- I'm kind of obsessed with reading about gender roles, marketing toward women, and economics right now

- I really want to start planning an adventure for 2014. Like a 100 mile backpacking trip.

I've been thinking about travel goals for this year, since that and being happy with a family/friends/career I love is kind of my whole purpose in life, and I'm wanting to do things a bit differently than I have been. I'm looking more into volunteer vacations, retreats/resorts, or something along those lines. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

How's your 2014 thus far?

Anyone else in denial about school starting back up?