Week in Workouts - Physical and Dental

Workout Wrap Up

July 5

I knew the week coming back from FitBloggin would be a rough one! I flew home last Sunday night and planned to make Monday my rest day. I did, and Tuesday rolled around and I was still having trouble getting up and going on time so I skipped Tuesday's workout. I crammed a ton of exercising into my Portland trip so I'm okay with taking some extra rest time this week! Plus, that whole marathon training thing is happening soon so I'm easing up on the running just a bit.

Yesterday the forecast called for rain ALL day (poor 4th of July!) so I was grateful to have a small break in the weather to get out for a short run. I fell asleep on the couch the night before and slept through my alarm so I didn't get going until after 7 a.m. (I'm usually running by 5:45 a.m.) I was starving so I knew it wasn't going to be anything epic. Plus, the Portland weather totally spoiled me and this was my first run back in Florida - 96% humidity and all. 2013-07-04 09.03.42

I did realize after looking at my RunKeeper that I ran over 70 miles last month! I'm pretty sure that's a record for me. I haven't been doing my long runs because of the heat but I've aimed to do 4-6 miles on my 2 weekday runs and I used to do 3-4 so that's helped keep my mileage up.

2013-07-02 11.02.19 (2)

Since I wasn't here last weekend to do my usual food prep I've been kind of winging my lunch/snacks for work. Luckily I made this incredible veggie tofu salad on Tuesday so I've had those leftovers to bring with me. I also brought home SO much food from FitBloggin that I've been bringing to work (My surprising favorite - Lenny & Larry's protein bars)

2013-07-03 08.16.38This guy has been pretty stoked to see me. Dad came over for 2 nights to catsit and agreed that I have an extremely personable cat. Salem loves to be around people. Wherever I go in the house he follows, and every night he sleeps right by my head. Poor Dad doesn't get much attention from my first cat, Big Sexy, that I left at my parents house years ago. Big Sexy is a neurotic mess and if you even make eye contact with him he will go run and hide for about 4 days. No exaggeration. Dad said Salem would try to crawl up on him and lay on his chest as he was watching TV. Not an easy thing to do for a 15 pound furball!

2013-07-03 07.01.17Aside from coming down off my Fitbloggin high the other big even this week was my 3 hour dental appointment on Tuesday. Thanks to my bike accident 14 years ago I've had 4 reconstructive surgeries on my lip, a root canal and bonding on 3 of my teeth. The bonding was temporary and I was supposed to get crowns put on after I turned 21 but I hadn't been able to afford it until now. On Tuesday I had the root canal redone and FOUR crowns put on my front teeth. It was just as bad as you would imagine.

I was okay the first 90 minutes but the anesthesia started wearing off and I started to feel it toward the end. The Dentist shot some more into my gums but it was pretty rough for a few minutes. I tried distracting myself for a while. First, I was thinking of making out with John Stamos. Then, when the pain got worse, I started telling myself "you are a honey badger and honey badger's don't give a shit." I'm pretty sure the pain was making me delirious.

So, this was the last photo of my 'before' teeth. Right now I have temporary one's on that feel super weird to me. I'll probably get used to them just in time for them to be ripped out and my permanent ones put in on July 16th. The pain hasn't been bad at all - the only thing that really hurts is the injection sites. As much of a pro as I am with getting my teeth worked on I'm pretty excited for this dental drama to be over soon! 2013-07-02 12.48.27-2Do you have a fear of dental work? 

How long does it take you to readjust to your time zone after traveling?