Week in Workouts & Shin Splint S.O.S.

Workout Wrap UpJuly 26

Today was the first full week of marathon training and, despite some pretty severe issues with shin splints, I'm happy I stuck with the schedule! I'm not going to lie - I'm totally doing a bit of arms & abs on my short run days despite the training plan calling for zero strength training. I'm limiting it to 20 minutes total 2x a week just to maintain some of the upper body and core strength I've worked so hard for!

The only obstacle I've faced thus far in marathon training (aside from lack of sleep) is shin splints. I was on the track team in middle school and I remember asking my coach what these crazy bumps were I'd get on the side of my legs sometimes while running. She told me they were shin splints, but that she'd never been able to visibly see them like that before.

I is so special.

2013-07-23 07.39.35

You can see them in this pic I snapped mid-run Tuesday. They start with a minute or two of running, then I'll have to stop every 10 minutes to push on them for about 15 seconds and stretch my legs about. After doing that 2-3 times in the first 2 miles I'm usually totally fine! This happened on all my runs this week and once my 'bumps' went away I was able to run the last few miles no problem.

I've done a ton of reading this week trying to find a way to minimize shin splints. No Meat Athlete has a great blog post on preventing shin splints and Runners World has some tips on treating them.  Here's what I already do to prevent injuries:

- Warm up with some stretching and a 5 minute walk

- Cool down with a few minutes of walking and a few stretches

- Foam roll as soon as I get home

Now I'll be trying compression socks and icing my shins after runs. My problem is that when I get home I literally have to go a mile a minute to get ready for work so I'll  be bringing ice to do them at work. #Classy

If anyone has any other tips please let me know! I need to be as proactive as possible to prevent things from interfering with my marathon domination!

2013-07-25 17.02.10

The same day I received my Zensah socks my monthly supple of PB2 came in. Got to love coming home to great packages like this!

In non-Running news - I had another dental appointment this week. I was super nervous:

2013-07-24 09.39.50I even shot a quick video that afternoon in my car:


I was under the mistaken impression that this would be my last but they were just putting temporary crowns on again so I'll be going back for my SERIOUSLY FINAL appointment in 2 weeks. They gave me valium to take this time because I'm so over being in that chair and I took half the 5 mg. I didn't notice a huge difference, which is what I wanted, but I was a bit more relaxed. Let me tell you sitting in that chair for hours on end (2.5 hours this week, 8 hours total) is brutal. My teeth look so much better though!

Salem got a belated birthday card - which if you look at the left corner you'll see he already tried to eat. #Fatass

2013-07-23 16.49.14

I also forgot to update on my latest Hashimoto's bloodwork. My TSH level is now slightly under the normal range. The range is .5 to 5; I started at 15, then went down to 6 after being on 50 mg of Synthroid for 6 weeks. They bumped me up to 100 mg and now I'm down to .3. They said that's okay as long as I don't start experiencing negative symptoms (rapid heart beat or excessive weight loss) and I'll re-check again in 6 months. Nice to have a break from the bloodwork for a little while!

This weekend I'll be preparing for my trip to Kentucky. I need to pack and go grocery shopping. The cabin we are staying at has a full kitchen and even though we will have access to eating at their restaurant with my crazy healthy Vegetarian diet and Dad's Celiacs disease we're bring a lot of our own food. Dad and I are going to break up the drive there and stay in Chattanooga for a night - anything fun to do there?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?