Week in Workouts: Special Announcement/s Edition

Workout Wrap UpDec 13Workouts were pretty boring this week. I'm going to start doing long runs on the weekends again as there are a few half marathons coming up this Spring that I'd like to do. This schedule is the perfect balance of strength/cardio for me and I'm happy my baby guns are starting to come out again!

2013-12-11 07.46.52

In far more interesting news ... I've kept it quiet(ish) on the blog but a few of you have picked up on this already - I've been dating someone for the last month and am absolutely smitten. The way I've described him to basically anyone who will listen (I'm that annoying happy that gloats about it as much as possible) is; he's the opposite of what I've been looking for, but everything I ever wanted.

2013-12-11 20.49.18

Triple Chocolate Pretzel Brownies happened this week. A lot. As in, they counted as my dinner Wednesday night and I may have had some with breakfast on Thursday. Gonna hate? We ate them in bed while watching One Magic Christmas. Despite it being totally depressing it's one of my favorite Holiday movies.

2013-12-11 20.23.53

Today I'll be driving with the folks to Jacksonville to spend some time hanging out there before getting into Gainesville for my brothers graduation Friday. I'm looking forward to a mini road trip! I can't believe how much traveling I've done this month. I can't wait to have a bit of time relaxing at home before 2014 starts as there are already some amazing trips on the agenda. However, relaxing may be difficult to do considering I'm moving next weekend. I found a place the day before I left for Chicago and I'll be moving in most of the big stuff Saturday. Haven't even started to pack yet. #Denial

2013-12-10 11.34.27I'm hoping to have a very exciting update for you all on Monday. My brother is graduating at 2 p.m., and I'll be leaving at 3 (or as soon as he walks the stage) to head home to attend the boyfriends work party (as well as my own) around 8ish. I got a killer dress (thank you to those who helped me pick it out on Twitter!) and despite rain on the agenda I think it's going to be an incredible evening.

What are your weekend plans?

Β Are you going to any fancy Holiday parties this year?