Week in Workouts + Staying Healthy on the Road

Workout Wrap Up

may 10

After the last few weeks filled with stress, sickness, and adjusting to life with Hashimoto's I was SO ready for a week of killer workouts! Having the week off from teaching classes definitely helped as I could spend more time than usual working out in the mornings. Plus. Pensacola has been in the Twilight Zone this past week with high's in the 60's - IN MAY. I've been outside as much as possible enjoying every second of it as the 100 degree temps will be here and I'll be stuck inside cursing about my power bill any day now.

Aside from doing a ton of blog-related work this week my main goal was to get ready for my trip to Gainesville. By time you are reading this I will have hopefully arrived safely! I'm heading out Thursday morning and will be home on Sunday. It seemed like I had lot to do/get ready for a short roadtrip but in the back of my mind I kept thinking how quickly the trip to Portland for Fitbloggin in June is coming up so I went ahead and did things now that will make prepping for that trip a bit easier. One of which was a desperately needed haircut! This is me on the way there with some tres damaged ends.


I also splurged and got Salem an automatic water fountain. I had one before for him and his brother but it got damaged during one of my many moves and I never replaced it. For the last year he's only taken water straight from the bathroom sink! I didn't want the catsitter I have lined up to stay with him to worry about that so I picked this up off of Amazon. He took to it straight away and I love how cute he looks with water splashed all over his little face.

IMG_6511My favorite part of the trip prep was definitely packing food! My goal is to spend as little money on food as possible and continue to eat well while I'm away so that entails a lot of meal planning. Here's a short run down of what I'm bringing with me:


Breakfast: My oats with PB2 and chia seeds

Lunch: 2 wraps, protein bars and roasted carrots (which I do like to eat cold!)

Snacks: bananas, kale chips, nuts and apples

Once I get there I'll head to Publix and pick up 2 pre-made salads, 2 frozen meals for dinners & some cottage cheese/yogurt.

I haven't even left yet and already I can't wait to get back to share all my photos with you guys. I've honestly been dreaming of going to Cumberland Island for years so this is so exciting for me. I've been sticking to a strict budget these last few weeks and I'm ready to enjoy the reward for my financial discipline!

Salem was acting cray cray all night as I was packing. I know he'll be fine but I'm going to miss his poopy butt!


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