Week in Workouts {Thanksgiving Edition!}

Workout Wrap UpNOv 29It's hard for me to fathom that I ran a marathon 3 weeks ago and can hardly run 5 miles a week now! My foot is feeling significantly better, but there's still some lingering pain so I'm trying not to push it too much.2013-11-27 07.11.17I am loving all the strength training I've been doing! I've noticed a significant toning up all over, and I've been craving protein like mad. It's amazing how intuitive your body is if you just take the time to listen to it. 2013-11-28 09.18.25I've started wearing scrubs at work more often and was too lazy to change between jobs (hospital to teaching my night class) this week. My students were totally thrown off when I came in to the room looking like this. I may never wear real clothes again they are just so damn comfortable. 2013-11-26 17.48.19On my lunch break Wednesday I had to run to Sears for something and walked by this dress that I just had to try on. I didn't get it (don't really need it for anything) but I thought the padded socks really went well with the ensemble. 2013-11-27 11.04.45-1That morning after a quick run I got to work on my first Snickerdoodle attempt. I've been getting to know a fabulous guy and last weekend he mentioned his favorite cookies were Snickerdoodles. I've never had them, and wanted an excuse to try one (and bake him up a surprise!) so I spent a while finding the perfect Snickerdoodle recipe and it was a total success. 2013-11-27 05.25.50Apparently they can be a very temperamental cookie. These came out crisp on the outside but soft and chewy inside with a bit more cinnamon than some of the other recipes I came across. I didn't have anything to compare them to but I took what couldn't fit in the cookie tin to work and they were gone by the end of the day so I think they were a hit!2013-11-27 08.03.35That night we kicked off Thanksgiving break with dinner downtown at Sluggo's. It's a vegetarian restaurant that I've never been to which is shocking given how long I've lived here for! I got the zucchini cakes and he went with a mushroom pesto quesadilla. Both were extremely tasty. Even better than the food was when they randomly started playing rap music. Sluggo's is a total punk hole-in-the-wall type of place so it was unexpected, and brilliant. I let my hoodrat side come out a bit to play. #NoShame2013-11-27 20.21.40I saw this in their bathroom and I'm taking in as a sign. 2013-11-27 21.43.04Despite staying out way past my bedtime I was up early to squeeze in a workout before heading to the parents for Thanksgiving.  2013-11-28 12.27.02As soon as I walked in I announced that I was wearing my pie-eating pants (yoga pants) and I think they mistakenly thought I was joking. Mom had spent almost 5 hours getting the feast ready before I arrived. Look at that spread! 2013-11-28 12.29.04That salad had pears, apples, homemade candied pecans, and cheese cut out in the shape of Fall leaves. HOW STINKING CUTE. Everything but the dessert was gluten free, and everything but the turkey was vegetarian. My mom freaking owns. I'm so glad she's willing to cater family dinners to Dad's celiac's and my vegetarianism!

After 2 tiny slices of apple pie and pumpkin cake with lunch I started turning every hour into pie:thirty. So, when 3:30 came around, I had to go get some more pie to celebrate pie:30. Same thing happened at 4:30 when I was getting ready to head out and claimed that pie:30 as my pseudo dinner. Dad kept offering to make me some of his famous homemade pumpkin spiced latte's but if I had any more sugar I think I would have gone into a coma. 2013-11-28 13.08.01Before I left I had Dad take a picture of me with my masterpiece. Mom had a slice with lunch but the rest of that missing pie is all me. I'm not necessarily proud, but I'm 100% happy. Even though it made me that kind of full where it hurts to stand up straight. I can't wait to do it again for Christmas! 2013-11-28 16.35.04How was your Thanksgiving?

Do you workout on Holiday's?