Week in Workouts + Vintage Erica Video

Workout Wrap Up

April 26

Well, the highlight of the week in workouts was definitely the Half Marathon I ran on Sunday! It was just for fun around my neighborhood. The weather was perfect and I really just wanted to run for a while.  Everything else was pretty low key. I ended up walking for an hour after dinner yesterday so it was more of an active recovery then a rest day. I'm hoping to do one of two new DVD's I ordered off of Amazon this week today (Booty Barre and Ballet Beautiful.) Will review them both after I try them out!

So, every once in a while I'll google my name just to see what pops up. I came across This article from the Pensacola News Journal. They featured my ex in an article on Etsy years ago and they sent the reporter and a photographer to our house to take some pics. Little fun side story: we dated for about 3.5 years until 2009. He was the stereotypical musician/artist (i.e. unemployed for half of our relationship) and, after a year of no job and no car because his broke down, my incredible parents bought him a used truck! About two weeks later he ended the relationship and left town. Seriously. Ever since then if my parents don't like someone I'm dating they threaten to buy him a truck since clearly that leads to a quick exit.

In the photo you can see the anime 'portrait' he did of me. I still have it and need to get it framed as it is pretty incredible!


Here is a close up of it. Notice the pink? I told you I've had it in there for years! I'm going to be a little old cat lady with pink in my hair.


I had to search through my old photo albums to find the pic of the portrait and of course I ended up spending an hour looking through all my photos. I also came across this video I don't remember taking! The artist drew anime eyes on me one day and I was outside taking photos when we goofed around and shot this:


I feel like that was a lifetime ago! It was taken in 2007 so I guess it has been 6 years. Man, I feel old.

Not sure what I'll be getting into this weekend. It's been a rough week for me. Good news is that as of 10:40 a.m. today I will be done with lectures for the term! Just got to make it through Finals next week (piece of cake) and I'll have about a week off before the summer term starts. I've been so stressed I've started clenching my jaw again. I'm alternating between tylenol and advil every few hours, as well as putting ice and heat on it, and it's just excruciating. I know I just have to relax and quit clenching it but clearly that is much easier said then done.

At least I get to hang out with this cutie again as I'm on cat sitter duty for a few days. She's such a goofball! 2013-04-25 13.53.43

Look for some interesting topics next week. With more free time I'm excited to finally write up some posts I've been mentally playing with for a while. Also, if anyone has any post topics or video requests please let me know!