Weekend: 21 Bump Street + Music Festival

I am exhausted. I think that's the sign of an amazing weekend! Saturday started off a little rough. I have been extremely tired this past week. I woke up Saturday with every intent to workout, food prep and work on some projects around the house. Around 9 a.m. I told Travis I was going to the bedroom to workout. About 90 minutes later I woke up from my nap and still had zero energy. He offered to run out and get lunch so I had to oblige and get my favorites from Taco Bell; cheesy bean and rice burrito + sides of beans and nachos!

I ate them on the couch while still sporting my pj's and robe with three beady eyed cats staring at me.

aweekend5The taco bell invigorated my soul enough to do a 60 minute barre workout before showering and heading to Dothan. It's pathetic but our big weekend adventure is a 30 minute drive to the Target and Publix. Have I mentioned how excited I am to be moving somewhere new in 4 months?!

I splurged at Target and bought some new clothes. I picked up an adorable blue stripped maternity dress but it's cute enough to wear non-preggo, 1 maternity shirt and a pair of maternity shorts (see shorts below) and 2 non-maternity tops (one of which I'm also wearing below.)

My almost-21 week bump shot (taken a day early!)

aweekend1Sunday morning I ran a verrrry slow 5k before we headed to Fort Walton Beach to hang with my parents and go to the Native American Music Festival. Dad requested the usual group shot and when I first saw it I laughed out loud and how front and center my big ass belly is. aweekend3(When I posted this photo on facebook Travis's grandma commented, "You have a very handsome husband!" Awwww.)

Mom had a HUGE pile of stuff for us to take home. Some things she had purchased for the baby and a lot of my old baby stuff. One was this Dr. Suess book that you filled out with all sorts of random information about you. I think I filled mine out in 1st grade. I love how anti-diet food I was. Some things never change. aweekend4We headed over to the music festival after lunch and spent a few hours listening to the music and watching the incredible dancers. I kept telling Travis how much fun it is going to be to bring our son to events like this! Dad tried to get us to put sunscreen on before we left the house but we both said we'd be fine. Pft. I should have known better than to let Travis out of the house. He burns virtually anytime he's in direct sun for more than 20 minutes. His poor face and arms are bright red. Even I got a little burned on my thighs but thankfully my upper body was pretty covered and I always wear SPF 30 on my face. aweekend

We got home pretty late last night (dinner at Dairy Queen may have happened) and I went straight to organizing baby stuff. It's crazy how much we already have for this kid! Both of our families have been so generous and sweet with sending us outfits, toys, books and blankets. Mom sent us home with a copy of EVERY BERENSTAIN BEARS BOOK EVER MADE.


aweekend7A lot of the books are 25ish years old! She started buying them for my brother and I and kept buying them well after we stopped reading them to complete the set. I was obsessed with these books as a kid. I remember just staring at the artwork for hours. I'm so excited to introduce this world to our little ones!

How was your weekend? Favorite book as a child?