Weekend Fun! Eating all the food & run all the miles.

Barring winning the lottery there's no possible way this weekend could have been any better. Granted, it doesn't take a lot to make me happy. Good company, delicious food, and a couple of fun runs and I'm pretty damn content.

Friday night Travis and I went out to eat at the same place we went on our first date. Well, part of our first date happened there. The entire date lasted about 12 hours. We spent the day hanging out around Pensacola. It was his first time visiting the city so I played tour guide. We ended at one of my favorite restaurants, the New Yorker Deli.

I've been there about a dozen times and every time the food is incredible. It's a small locally owned restaurant with phenomenal cheesecake and the best bruchetta I've ever had (they make it with mushrooms and artichoke hearts!) This time around Travis went with a Hawaiian pizza, and I stuck to my favorite bruchetta and a simple house salad. 2014-07-25 18.11.05

2014-07-25 18.11.10Saturday morning we ran 6 miles around a different part of Pensacola. Pensacola is really interesting in that you can literally be in the nicest neighborhood one moment (north hill), and the next block over is a part of town that is notoriously crime ridden. Then, if you keep going a few blocks your back in one of the nicest parts of Pensacola (east hill.) With Travis with me we ran around the .... colorful center part between the two neighborhoods.

For the first time ever on a run I was train blocked for a few minutes. 2014-07-26 06.34.52Then I remembered one of Pensacola's quirkier landmarks was in the area and ran around a bit trying to find it. Fortunately we did! It's actually listed on Trip Advisor and a few of the reviews were negative because it's really nothing special, and it's in the shady part of town. I'd be pretty pissed if I went out of my way to see it! It's an old ice house that's listed on the historical national registry so that's kind of cool, but nothing to write home about (but apparently impressive enough to blog about.)2014-07-26 06.54.57Saturday afternoon we went to lunch at Jason's Deli. I've never eaten there but we swung by a few weeks ago to get Travis a sandwich to go and I checked out their salad bar and wanted to go back. It was one of the best salads I've ever had! Roasted red pepper hummus with couscous and sunflower seeds. They also serve FREE ice cream and these incredible mini muffins. 2014-07-26 12.41.10Oh, and this happened.2014-07-26 12.35.14That night we had a goldfish tasting party at my house. Very exclusive guest list (just the two of us.) We both agreed the French Toast was the best. I preferred the chocolate second (and finished the bag in 24 hours) and he preferred the vanilla cupcake.2014-07-26 18.24.55Sunday morning we had a 10 miler on the training schedule. This was the first LR at my 10:30 goal pace since starting marathon training with the Hanson Method. I was pretty nervous since the nearly 100% humidity has been making an 11 minute pace a struggle for me on some of my weekday runs. Fortunately, Travis is always a great motivator and we finished at a 10:36 pace! I did stop twice, but I'm alright with that and know that holding this pace in the Fall will feel significantly better. 2014-07-27 07.44.23After the run we came home and made omelet's for the first time! Neither of us have made them before but I'm trying to break up my usual oatmeal routine. I made mine with Amy's vegan chili and a bit of Mexican cheese and avocado. SO GOOD. IMG_7768That afternoon we watched the Princess Bride in Bed. Didn't I tell you this weekend was perfect? 2014-07-27 13.52.12-2What's your favorite movie from your childhood? What restaurant has your favorite salad bar?