Weekend Fun: Hiking, Fancy Dining Out + Trip to the Salon

The weekend started off as every weekend should; with Girl Scout cookies. Weekend3Travis bought a few boxes in February (there was a box of thin mints waiting for me when I got back from Yoga Teacher Training!) He kept his Caramel Delights in the freezer and these 5 have been sitting around for months. I finally asked him if I can just eat them and his response was, "duh." So - I did. It was wonderful.

Saturday we headed into Dothan to run some errands and so I could get my hair cut. I finally found a stylist online who did great work with long hair and had an appointment set for 3 p.m.. She texted me around 2:40 that she was running a few behind, but we were already halfway there so I figured I'd just wait in the lobby for a while.

Well - that turned into an HOUR wait. She was the only stylist working as she comes in by appointment only on Saturday. When I came inside I saw she was working with another client. Travis was just going to wait in the car for me (he could be happy anywhere with his Kindle) and I started to feel so bad that he was going to spend 1-2 hours out there. At one point I almost just walked out. Finally, around 3:50, she took me back and apologized saying her previous client was 40 minutes late.

Thankfully she was worth the wait! She had wonderful reviews online so I think I just got the fluke day for her. I absolutely love my cut. It's pretty much the same as I always get, a few inches cut off and layers, but it just lays really well. Weekend4

When I finally got outside Travis asked if I wanted to grab dinner somewhere. I said I wasn't hungry, and he asked, "not even Moes hungry?" Well shit - I'm always Moe's hungry.Weekend2

Sunday morning I woke up and spent a few hours doing my online grading hustle. I started to doze off around 10 a.m. so I decided to head outside for a run. About 15 seconds into it I could tell that wasn't going to happen. My stomach was feeling uber bloated for some reason and it started to hurt when I tried to run. I threw myself about a two minute pity party as all I wanted was to be able to run yesterday. I miss long runs so much. I felt sorry for myself for a moment and quickly snapped out of it. I thought of all the girls I see on the babycenter forums talking about being on bed rest at home or at the hospital and remembered how lucky I am.

I set off to do my favorite 6 mile walk/hike. I keep forgetting it's Summer now so it was way hotter than I expected, and I got a little sunburned. I'm going to pick up some pregnancy safe sunscreen from Target tomorrow before Travis and I take out babymoon on Tuesday! It's the most low key babymoon ever, but we can't wait to take advantage of the random day off he has this week. It's really just a fun day trip, but it's fun to call it our babymoon. Weekend1

Is this a big ass dandelion? Weekend

When I got home I stuffed my face for lunch and got to work organizing my closet. I got rid of about 3 boxes of stuff, mostly DVD's and CD's, and about 20 items of clothing. Travis and I are both working a bit each weekend on donating/trashing stuff in preparation for our move in a few months.

I spent about an hour and a half cooking dinner and cleaning the kitchen but it was so worth it. I made these amazing spinach and artichoke stuffed portobello mushrooms and a huge pan of coconut oil roasted veggies. WeekAs I sit here working on this post Sunday night it's 7:15 p.m. and I can barely keep my eyes open. I love the feeling of exhaustion you get after a super productive day. I'm hoping to put a few more hours in scoring, and maybe make a giant bowl of air popped popcorn covered in melted butter.

Yeah ... that's definitely going to happen.

How was your weekend?

Did you/would you take a babymoon?