Weekend Fun: Pool Time, my Rucking Experiment, and Cat Strollers

Rabbit, rabbit! For further proof that I was a strange child I somehow heard about the superstition that saying, "rabbit rabbit" first thing upon waking on the first of the month would ensure good luck all month long. It's seriously a thing. Proof. I was probably in middle school when I started doing it regularly. If you are reading this before speaking anything today say it and try it for yourself!

This weekend started off amazingly when the surprise (that ended up not being a surprise thanks to chatty family members) package I ordered for Travis arrived. A cat stroller! It was $60 on Amazon and I figured at least one of our three cats would enjoy it. Sweet and demure Smokey hissed at it and ran off, Rudy meowed the whole time he was in it, but Salem just laid right down and seemed to love it! He loves smelling things so I though he'd enjoy getting to smell the fresh air.

His little 'smelling something' face.Cweekend4A quick video:


Saturday I got up determined to try out 'rucking' after posting about it last week as being the #1 fitness trend for 2015. Rucking is just walking (or marching in the military) with a weighted bag on. The article suggested starting off with 10% of your body weight. I added 12 and 5 pound dumbbells to my pack bringing the total weight to 15 pounds (my pre-pregnancy weight is 120 but I figured I could use a few extra pounds.) I was interested to see what the difference would be in terms of heart rate (measuring exertion) and calories burned. The article said a 30 minute walk normally burns 125 calories, but with a ruck could burn 325 (who knows how much weight would be in the ruck though.)

CWeekend3I walked a 2.3 mile trail with it on. First thought: WAY HARDER than I anticipated! I know part of it is because I didn't wear the pack properly. The weight was just laying at the bottom of my backpack and it should have been up higher. They design specific ruck packs but I didn't want to buy one. Lesson learned.

I tried to keep up my regular walk pace but it was definitely more challenging. I ended up burning 270 calories for 2.3 miles. On a normal walk I burn 90 calories per mile so I burned an extra 63 calories with the pack on. Not sure if it was worth it. I was sweating my butt off as it was already 85 degrees out at 9 a.m., but the pack made it feel even hotter. I thought I'd feel more of a burn the next day, as the trail is pretty steep in some parts and I could really feel the weight then, but nothing!

To compare I walked the same 2.3 mile loop right after without the pack on and I burned 278 calories. Yep, MORE calories without the pack. I know it was just due to the fact my heart rate was already up and I was fatigued, but I couldn't help but laugh.

After a quick lunch at the house Travis and I headed to the pool for a bit. Any pregnancy aches and pains I have are completely erased once I get in the pool. It feels heavenly! While we were there I started smelling all the delicious BBQ's people had going on at their houses and made the executive decision we'd go to Cheeburger Cheeburger for dinner.


I always get the veggie burger with provolone cheese and two fried onion rings on it. We shared some cajun fries and a salted caramel cheesecake shake. Go big.


Sunday was a very lazy day for me. I've been having issues with insomnia lately. I used to go to sleep around 10, but now it's impossible for me to fall asleep until almost midnight. I also tend to get up super early (like 4 a.m.) and can't get back to sleep. That happened Sunday so I didn't have any energy to workout in the morning. I managed to get a bit of house cleaning and organizing done (we are starting to box stuff up for the move that we have no idea when will happen or where it will take us.) Travis suggested some more pool time and I happily obliged.

I had an obnoxious 'hot dog or legs' pool shot to share but I just can't bring myself to post it. I actually thought it would be fun to have my big ol' belly in the shot as well, but after I uploaded it Travis and I both laughed and agreed that it looked vulgar.

I'm off to my 26 week appointment this morning and will be taking the gestational diabetes test. They gave me a small orange drink last time that I'm supposed to chug in 5 minutes exactly 1 hour before I get my blood drawn. It's 200 calories of pure sugar. That's like, 4x the amount of sugar in a can of coke. I'm pretty interested to see how much the baby moves after drinking it!

What would you think of someone walking their cat in a stroller? What fitness trend do you want to try?