Weekend Fun When Plans Have to Change

Remember that Date Night box I made for Travis? The last few times we've gone to the pool he mentioned how much more fun it would be if there were slides around. I thought of one of the dates I had waiting for him to pick in the box so I encouraged him to open the one marked 'Fun in the Sun.' Inside were two tickets to Shipwreck Island Water Park in Panama City Beach, Fl. We were both so excited! We planned to go on Sunday, but as we were out running errands Saturday his check engine light came on. I'm the type of person that would just ignore it for a week or two, but he's so responsible he didn't want to go out of town until he had been checked out. So, we will hopefully be going next weekend.

Without any real plans my weekend consisted of the usual: working out, working, stuffing my face and going to the pool. I took this photo after my barre workout Saturday. I can't believe how big my belly has gotten!


Here's an 'almost 27 weeks gym selfie' from Sunday (I'm 27 weeks today!) I was the only person in the gym so I soaked up the free cable and ended up watching 2 episodes of Roseanne as I walked a 5k.

Yes, my shorts are getting quite snug now. I haven't bought new ones yet and now that I'm on the downward slide to being done I'm trying not to buy any! Weekend2

Sunday afternoon we were both craving Chinese so we decided to go to our favorite Chinese buffet for lunch. I told Travis to check online to see if they were open on Sundays, as I had a feeling they were closed, but their hours were 11-7. We get there and, big surprise, they were closed. So, we had Moe's instead. What a hard life.


p.s. don't ever look up the calorie count for Moe's nachos. Let's just say this delicious monstrosity was between 1399 and 1401 calories.

Sunday afternoon we spent a few hours at the pool. I was hoping getting in the water would make my leg cramp feel better. I felt fine most of the weekend but when I woke up on Sunday I had this horrible sharp shooting pain in my right hamstring. Leg cramps during pregnancy are all but certain so I wasn't surprised, but I was frustrated that nothing I could do seemed to help it at all. I tried foam rolling, walking it out, and stretching and it only felt worse as the day progressed. I know I need to drink more water, and up my potassium and magnesium, but if anyone else has further suggestions I'd love to hear them!

I told Travis to smile for the camera. This is what I got. Weekend

Even though I'm being diligent about sunscreen I'm still starting to get a lot of color, including the resurfacing of all my freckles. I love 'em. I tell myself they make me look younger. Weekend1 I've got a very busy week ahead. Lots of blog projects to work on, hoping to hit 50 hours of online grading, and I want to start packing. It's hard to get motivated to move when we still have no idea when or where, but I know as time goes on I'll be less able to do a lot around the house and would like to get as much done now as I can.

Before I go I have to brag about my Dad for a minute. He texted me Saturday night he was getting ready to run a 5k, and about 40 minutes later I received a text that he set a personal best for himself! 25:46. I set a PR of 25:28 last year so I need to work on my speed work after this baby so Dad doesn't catch up to me (although, his marathon PR is still MUCH better than mine!) He ended up getting 3rd in his age group. I'm so proud of him!

Fellow military wives, how short of notice have you received about moving?

What is your 'fall back' weekend plans if something doesn't work out?