Weekend Meals for the Carnivore in Your (or My) Life


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I don't really cook dinner for my husband.


It's not that I don't want to. We just don't like any of the same foods and since all of his meals have to contain meat, and I haven't cooked meat in almost a decade, we've gotten into a routine of just cooking whatever we want to eat ourselves.

Since I work from home and have a bit more time in my schedule I'm going to start making more of an effort to cook for him. I doubt we'll ever find a lot of dishes we do agree on, but when he's in training and has to come straight home to study I'm sure it would be pretty nice to not have to worry about cooking something first! My husband can be pretty picky though so I told him if I cook for him he has to at least try it (knowing that I'd never put anything in it that I know he doesn't like) and try to respond as positively as possible if he wants me to continue cooking!

I'm going to have to start watching youtube videos on how to prepare and cook meat, and I'm also going to do some research into what brands of meat to buy. Even though I'm still not eating it I wouldn't feel comfortable preparing it unless I knew it was humanely raised and killed.

Here are some recipes I found that would be perfect for the weekend, or any day really! I find weekend cooking the most enjoyable since you don't have to rush and can have leftovers all week.

Check out Weekend Meals

by Erica House at Foodie.com

What is your favorite chicken recipe? (Bonus points if you can link me to it!)