Weekend "Vacation" in Destin

This weekend Matt presented at a conference in Destin so we stayed out there overnight on Saturday. We kicked off our 'vacation mode' by going to New Yorker Deli for dinner on Friday night. As usual, it was phenomenal! Matt got the spaghetti and meatballs and I went with my old stand by - the worlds best bruschetta and a chef salad. We even splurged and got a dessert! Went with the cheesecake and it was perfect.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Destin. I wasn't aware that it was the same weekend as the Seafood Festival so I was pretty irritated when we hit heavy traffic coming in over the Destin bridge. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as I anticipated and we still arrived at our Hotel around 4. We stayed at the Ramada Inn of Sandestin and let me say - it was, by far, the worst hotel I've ever stayed at.

The room was big, and the small kitchenette was a perk, but I'm pretty sure they haven't updated this place since 1980. The walls were paper thin so we heard dogs, kids and drunk tourists running around all night. The latch on the door was broken, the sofa and bedskirts were stained, the tv made some horrible buzzing sound when it was on and worst of all it was 100% humidity in the room. Seriously. We went to unpack our suitcase when we got home and the clothes were damp just from  being in the hotel room. Not a fan.

We left as soon as possible in search for dinner. I checked out at least a dozen restaurants before we arrived in Destin and I couldn't find a single vegetarian friendly seafood place. I know, I know - 'vegetarian friendly' and 'seafood' don't go together but Matt really wanted seafood and I wanted anything but a salad. Finally, we comprised and went Mexican! We ate at Cantina Laredo and it was the best Mexican food I've ever eaten.

Matt ordered a Margarita and we killed the chips they brought out as soon as we sat down. The salsa provided was fresh and just spicy enough for me and held us over nicely until our entrees. Matt went with Fish Tacos and I got spinach and mushroom enchiladas.

What I loved the most about the restaurant were their portion sizes (big enough but not unnecessarily huge) and the freshness of all of their ingredients. After dinner we headed over to Whales Tail to grab a drink and watch the sunset. The bar was literally on the beach and the weather was perfect for soaking in the last hot day of summer.

After the sun set we wanted to try to find another place to get dessert at and started driving in toward the main part of Destin. We passed the Commons and thought about hitting up Hard Rock but quickly changed our minds when we realized there was a Wine Bar across the street. We love the Wine Bar here in Pensacola so 'dessert' got switched to 'cheese' and we basically had a second dinner!

We both agreed this was the highlight of our trip. The cheeses were an aged gouda, a gouda/goat cheese blend and a fontina. The nuts, fruit and bread complimented it all so well and we definitely ate more than we should have - but,  we eat so healthy all of the time so I decided that night was the '20' side of the 80/20 diet!

I have no clue why I'm pouting in this picture. Oh, I think it's because Matt can't take a decent photo of me with my iPhone. They always turn out all blurry!

Sunday morning we were up early for Matt to prep for his presentation and to grab something from their continental breakfast. I was scared what could be in store for us there but I was very happy to find they had oatmeal - it may not be much but it's my daily breakfast so the bit of normalcy was nice.

Matt went with Fruit Loops and what he called 'dollar store waffles'. I ate the crusts of them.

As soon as he left I sat around deciding what to do with myself. Nothing was open yet and the thought of spending 2.5 hours in the humid, rank, hotel room was about to make me go crazy. Thankfully, one of my favorite guilty pleasures came on and I spend 45 minutes watching this:

I decided I wanted to try and workout to kill time and release some of my anger from being in that room so I wrote down the moves to one of my favorite JM dvd's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I didn't have a timer so I set up a fake run on RunKeeper to sound off every 30 seconds to keep me on track. I rearranged a bit of furniture to make some room and had a fantastic workout!


Of course I brought some of my favorite tea with me so after a good sweat session and some yogi tea I was in a significantly better mood for Matt when he got back.

We quickly checked out and started on our drive back to Pensacola. We started looking for a place to eat lunch at and as soon as we passed by Mellow Mushroom made an immediate U-Turn. I've only been to the one in Pensacola so it was neat to see this location - it looked very different!

Matt went with a Hoagie and Cesar and I couldn't pass up the Enlightened Spinach Salad. I swear, that salad changes everything. I also came across some epic graffiti in the girls room.

It felt ridiculously nice to be home again. We spent Sunday afternoon watching Seinfeld in bed and eating popsicles. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!