Weekend Wino Warrior

I just love a good alliteration. Friday night was Gallery Night here in Pensacola. Gallery Night is supposed to  be an art event where businesses stay open after hours and showcase local artists work, but really it's just an excuse to drink out in the streets (they close the main street off and allow open containers). It's like a mini New Orleans, minus the naked old guys and prostitutes.

I'm usually not a fan of overly crowded places full of drunk people but I had a blast out since I met up with friends and we spent part of the evening hanging out on a balcony in the heart of downtown overlooking the crowd.

Eventually we made our way down to Play, where there was an epic air hockey showdown. It got pretty dangerous for a minute. Seriously. The damn puck kept flying off the table and hit at least 2 random people standing near by.

I was coerced into playing briefly and my opponent was kind enough to let me score a few times. I have some pretty severe anger issues when it comes to this game, or any game really.

Saturday morning I planned on going for a long run but was a little to sluggish thanks to the prior evenings wine consumption. I settled on a 4 mile walk down to the water.

That afternoon I hung around the house watching 90210 and working on some stuff for the site. Notice any changes? They are so minor you probably can't even tell! I've added 2 affiliate links to the side - one for PV Body and one for Amazon. Affiliate links mean that I receive a small commission if anyone purchases anything from them. PV Body is a company that sends you custom picked workout outfits that retail for $150 in stores for only $39 a month! I'm SO excited to be getting my first outfit from them (Hopefully next week!) and if you use the link to the side you'll get 20% off the first month. They work with brands like Luluemon & Nike so you know your getting some top shelf workout gear.  I'm sure you are all familiar with the amazingness that is Amazon already - so if your planning to do any shopping with them this year please save this link to use and I'll be ever so grateful! http://www.amazon.com/?tag=eri0d-20

Saturday evening I finally quenched a longstanding craving for Mellow Mushroom. It had been FAR to long since I've eaten there and I was dying to get my favorite - the Enlightened Spinach Salad. One of the best salads I've ever had, ever.

Later that evening I kept the Tastegasm going in my mouth by making one of those 100 calorie bags of popcorn and sprinkled Agave and Cardamom on it. No words are adequate to describe how delicious it was.

I know it just looks like plain popcorn but if you look closely you'll see little heavenly drops of Agave.

Sunday morning I woke up ready to tackle my long run. Last week I ran 6 miles in 62 minutes and my mission was to come in under 60 minutes this time.

Mission Accomplished.

 I'm not even gonna front - I felt like a badass. Well, when I was finished I did. Midway through I felt like vomiting. I actually ran the first 2 miles straight without stopping (a first) and took a 15-20 second walking break every half mile after that. The thought of a Vega shake waiting for me at home definitely motivated me! Those things are SO good and one of these days I'll break down and order a jug off of Amazon.

Sunday afternoon was spent in the kitchen getting meals ready for the week. I'm trying to incorporate some new foods into the usual rotation (which has been pretty heavy on the squash lately) and found some taboule and chickpeas in the pantry. This weeks menu included:

-  Cardamom & Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes

- Lightened up Broccoli & Spinach Casserole

-  Chickpea Salad (recipe soon)

-  Falafel patties (box mix - baked, not fried)

-  Taboule (box mix)

-  Roasted Cauliflower and Tahini Salad

I haven't baked any sweets in a while and with the season fast approaching (or is it already here?!) I'm getting the urge to start playing with cookie recipes. I need to find a surrogate boyfriend first so I can give the majority of them away the day after I bake them! I certainly don't need dozens of cookies laying around the house.

The weekend culminated as all weekends should, with a cuddle party.

 I swear Salem doesn't always look so possessed. I just love it when he lays on his back with me and just sits there with his arms stretched out. Such a beast!

Well, I'm certainly glad that this week is only a 3 day work week for me. I've got a ton of projects to work on for the next few months and will spend most of my 4 days off at home working! Thursday I'll be in Fort Walton Beach to hang out with the family. Thanksgiving dinners are always so unique at our place since Mom and I don't eat meat (she's not a strict vegetarian but rarely eats meat anymore). Can't wait to show off our menu!

For other vegetarians, what are your main courses at Thanksgiving like? Do you find your family accommodating to your diet?