Weekly Workout Wrap-Up


I'm working on how to get hyperlinks into the Publisher document I created the table on but in the mean time here are the reviews I've written about the workouts I did this week!:

- Extreme Shed and Shred

- Six week six pack

- Booty Barre Total New Body

Also, in case you missed it, don't forget to check out the amazing pictures we took on our 10 mile hike and our walk around Gibbs Point on Saturday!

Yesterday was our 8 month anniversary so Matt and I will be going out to eat this evening. We're dorks, I know. He was also given VIP tickets to Deluna Fest this weekend so we may head there for a bit Saturday and Sunday. Can you believe I've never been to an outdoor musical event?

I'm hoping to also get around to checking out some costume stores for Halloween costumes this weekend. We are both super into the holidays and I haven't dressed up in years so we're planning to go all out this year!

Has anyone else decided on their costume already? I need some inspiration!