Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Workout Wrap Up

Jan 11

I've got to confess something.

I'm blowing it, big time.

If you follow me on twitter you've heard me mention my knee acting up this week on every run I've done. It all started a few weeks ago when I finished my 12 mile run. It was also the first time I ran in my new shoes so I wasn't sure if my knee was sore because of the distance or the shoes. I've switched back to my old shoes and my knee is still hurting, a lot. I know better than to keep running on it, but I have been. I've got my first half marathon scheduled for the 26th and so I feel all this pressure on myself to make sure I'm in decent shape for it. This weekend I was planning to try for another 12 mile long run, do an 8 mile next weekend, and the following weekend is the half.

My gut is telling me to take a few days off from running. If not a week.

It's just so frustrating when my body won't do what I want it to! I've been doing the stretches from this video that are supposed to help with runners knee and they do seem to take some of the immediate pain/tightness away. I've been icing it, trying to stay off it and taking Advil when need be. If anyone else has any tips - please share!

/End pity party.


This is how I felt when my Mom made me get feathered bangs in elementary school.

It is also exactly how I feel about my knee right now.

Moving on.

If you weren't able to catch my interview with Fox News Orlando on the DietBet I'm hosting here it is!

I wish the audio matched up better but I'm sure ya'll get the gist :) For those of you who didn't sign up for my first DietBet I've been asked by enough people already that I'm planning to do another one in March to help kick off bikini season! Keep an eye out for it. We are only 4 days into this round and the 116 participants have already lost over 100 pounds!

Cooking hasn't happened at all this week since I'm still settling into my place and classes started up on Monday. I have been noshing on this incredible 300 calorie lunch almost every day. Walnut, goat cheese and dried berry salad with a big juicy Fiji apple!

2013-01-09 11.15.19

Did you know noshing was an actual word? Verb: Eat food enthusiastically or greedily. Kind of like how I eat cookies on a regular basis:

2013-01-09 21.13.29 (2)

Speaking of cookies - I am having a terrible time controlling my sugar consumption lately. I went months without sweets last years, just didn't have the craving for them, and now it seems like I cannot end the day without having a treat (or two). Most of my choices are pretty healthy, but I'm still going to try to cut out added sugar for a few days and see if I can get this under control.

2013-01-07 20.25.50

While I was shopping at Old Navy this week it took everything I had not to buy this shirt from the girls section.

2013-01-07 19.59.06

I may still purchase it. You know me and my penchant for ridiculous girls shirts.

This week has absolutely flown by. I feel like I have been going non-stop since Monday morning and I think I need to take a mental health weekend to recharge. Please tell me I'm not the only one who plans on spending most of the weekend in pajamas.

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