Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Workout Wrap Up  

March 8

The highlight of this weeks workouts was definitely the 12 mile run I killed on Saturday! Overall I felt incredible, this was only the second time I've managed to hit 12 miles and I'm pretty confident about my first half in April. My plan is to continue doing 10-12 miles on the weekends until the last weekend before the race where I'll taper down to 8.

2013-03-02 10.45.58

It's amusing to me how many head games I play while running these long runs. I don't listen to music, so it is literally just me and my thoughts. This is a run down of the thoughts that I repeat during every 10+ mile run:

Mile 1-2: Are you effing kidding me? There's no way I'm going to make this. I'm moving in slow motion and my legs feel like lead.

Mile 3-4: Oh I'm totally owning this. Maybe I'll go further than I planned today - I feel incredible!

Mile 5-6: Just make it to mile 6 and you can take a break and eat your gu. Don't cry. You can do 2 miles.

Mile 6-9: These are usually the best miles for me! Refreshed from a 2 minute gu break. I secretly hope someone will jog by me and ask how many miles I'm running or what I'm training for.

Mile 9: Shit, you only have a 5k left! Who cares that your feet are throbbing and you are now babbling about Helen Keller (I literally did this on my last run) you got this!

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Please lie and tell me 'yes' so I don't think I'm a crazy person.

You may also notice more yoga this week! I'm going to try to make it at least twice a week. It's a great time for me to stretch and clear my head. I also really enjoy meeting other health freaks at class. I've ran into friends and students there which is always so much fun to catch up. I've also been using this ridiculously cute on-the-go pouch from Active Accessories that they sent me last week to review.


I'm so glad they sent the polka dot one - I'm totally obsessed with them this Spring! I love the blue interior color and all of the pockets/key holder. It's perfect when I want to drive to yoga without my purse and just need my few essentials (like Dr. Pepper lipgloss!) IMG_6270

Aside from spectacular workouts I've also been coming up with some epic meals this week. I threw together this salad for lunch yesterday and it was so delicious I had it again for dinner after yoga. It's 2 Gardein 'chicken' tenders, a cup of mixed veggies, & sesame ginger dressing on spinach. Only 200 calories in that beast! 2013-03-07 12.40.41

I'm still eating PB2 like there's no tomorrow. Literally. I ordered 2 16 oz. bags 3 weeks ago and just ran out tonight and had to order some more off of Amazon! The 2-pack is the best deal financially and I love getting both the chocolate and regular peanut butter.

March4I put some on a kashi waffle with banana and honey, used some as dip for a toasted flatout warp and warmed banana  and drizzled it on a steamed sweet potato with cinnamon & honey. Can you tell I'm kind of obsessed with PB+Banana+Honey right now?

I'm not sure what all I'll be getting into this weekend. I think I may try to find some events going on and try to work on my photography skills. I have this incredible camera, and I'm not using it to the fullest extent possible. I've also been meaning to write-up an 'Insiders guide to Pensacola' so I may spend some time acting like a tourist on Saturday. That afternoon I have a ton of vegetables I want to roast for the week ahead and I'm really, really going to try to get out and be social that evening!

Tonight I'll be keeping it low-key since I"ll be up at 5:30 for my run tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm going to grab some popcorn and make it an old school TGIF night. I remember vividly watching all of those shows when I was in middle/high school. I had a crush on basically every male actor between the ages of 12-30 and I would went to bed at night dreaming I'd wake up a be a witch like Sabrina (and all I got was the sarcastic cat named Salem.)


Don't forget to check and see if you are my Chia Seed Winner! What was your favorite TGIF Show? Can you guess which show from TGIF I own all of the seasons of on DVD?