Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Workout Wrap Up

March 22

{Reviews of the DVD's I use can be found here}

Overall I did a pretty good job about sticking to the workout calendar I shared with you guys on Monday! I didn't do the sprints Monday or the run scheduled on Thursday. I just was not feeling it. I'm definitely not getting burned out from running, but I am looking forward to the half marathon training being over in 3 weeks and going back to more 'fun running' for a while. I also think the fact that I worked out for almost 4 hours in just the first 3 days of the week made me a little less energetic to 'kill it' in the workouts the rest of the week.

I am SO excited that as of noon today I'm officially on Spring Break! One glorious week off and I've got a huge list of things I'm hopping to get done for this site. I definitely have a few fun activities planed but I'm pretty pumped just to have extra time to work on the blog. I actually have a list of totally random questions I've been meaning to ask you all to get your feedback on:

- Is anyone interested in me writing on topics relating to blogging? I'll be hitting my 1 year mark in May and have learned so much about blogging in such a short time I'd be happy to share! I actually write out my topics for the month ahead of time (so April is almost full already!) and I could work some '1 year blogging' posts into May.

- My plank challenge and Get Fit challenge have both ended and I may do another one. Anything you'd like to try and commit to for 30 days?

- Best facial sunscreen? I noticed my face got burned for the first time this past weekend when I was running/biking for 2.5 hours. My skin tends to break out if I even think about putting something on it so I'm hoping you guys can recommend your favorites!

- Any idea what fun things there are to do in Mobile? I'm thinking of going there for a day trip over Spring Break. I've been to the Art Museum but haven't checked out anything else really and I'd love to find some cool things to do!

Finally, we talked about this study in class this week. The infamous 'marshmallow test' that found children who were able to delay gratification at a young age were 'more successful' later on in life. Watching the kids trying to 'resist' the marshmallow in front of them is absolutely hilarious. If you have kids you should try this at home some time!


I would fail, miserably. I'd actually probably do well if I was a kid in this situation, but as an adult I'd be shoving it in my mouth before the experimenter even left the room!

What's the one treat that you wouldn't be able to resist if it was sitting in front of you right now?