Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Workout Wrap Up

March 29

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Well, given yesterday's post on over-exercising I'm pretty happy with the 'lighter' week of workouts than my normal. No heavy strength, one long run and a short 2.5 miler on Thursday. I'm hoping I didn't give off the wrong impression in my post yesterday - I'm definitely not wanting to eliminate exercise, just modify what I currently do. So please don't find it counter-intuitive if you see me working out 5 days a week still! I'm hoping to just cut back on how much I do each day and what type of activity (more walking, yoga and pilates and less heavy strength/long runs.)

I actually think the highlight of my workouts this week was an incredible walk I took. I foresee many more of those in the future with the great weather coming up. Hoping to get  back into hiking as well before the brutal summer hits! 2013-03-27 18.11.34

After pulling a muscle in my leg on my long run on Saturday I didn't run again until Thursday. My leg started acting up again around 1.5 miles in and I should have stopped but I didn't. Hey, at least I only pushed it 1 more mile! I ended up walking 2 miles after and did a plank when I got home. After some ice, advil and foam rolling my leg felt back to normal by the end of the day (See - I'm learning!)

2013-03-28 09.05.22

In non-workout news ... I decided what I wanted to do with my life this week!


It's becoming a weekly habit now (harassing John Stamos via twitter.) I'm confident one day he will respond. I mean, we are just so perfect for each other!

On Wednesday my latest Amazon purchase arrived:


I own all of the series on DVD (Yes, even the college years.) I couldn't believe I didn't own this already but at $8.13 it was a no brainer! Warning: there is an excessive amount of overly-synthasized sound effects in the Hawaiian Style movie to compensate for lack of a laugh track. Totally priceless.

Thursday my mom took the day off to head over to Pensacola to do some shopping. We hit up our favorite antique stores and I came across this ridiculously adorable sugar and creamer set. If you all remember the post I did about money recently then you know I'm always very hesitant to buy anything I don't need so I didn't take these guys home with me (Although, I'm totally thinking of going back and seeing if they are still there this weekend!) #yolo

2013-03-28 11.04.32I also got way to excited when I caught a spelling error while we were there. If you guys haven't caught on yet I am horrific with spelling/grammar. Seriously, I butcher the English language and I've had a few readers point out some of my errors before! Given my inability to write as well as most 10th graders I was super happy to have come across such an epic mistake:

2013-03-28 11.30.24

I honestly can't believe Spring Break is almost over already. I suppose it's because most of my days revolve around this site/writing now so that's all been business as usual! I'm looking forward to getting some video's done this weekend to share on here starting next week since it's been a while since my last one. I'm cat sitting for a friend for a few days so I'm way to excited about having a new kitty to play with. I'll also be coloring eggs! Mom and I were going to do it together Thursday but she's waiting to do them with Dad on Saturday - how adorable.

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What's on your weekend agenda?