Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Workout Wrap Up

April 5

After an easy week of workouts last week it felt great to be running again and get a killer strength session in on Wednesday! I've had a bit more energy now that I gave myself some time off and it definitely showed in this weeks workouts. I had FUN again and am totally amped for my Half Marathon on Sunday!

I still got a few walks in since the weather has been just gorgeous:

2013-04-02 18.43.44

My last run before the half!

2013-04-04 09.16.56

Totally random picture of Salem looking adorable. I love when I catch him sun-bathing.

2013-04-01 15.07.37

Tonight I'll be headed downtown for Gallery Night. It's basically Pensacola's attempt to be a mini New Orleans. They close off the street and it's open container so everyone just walks around getting drunk. Oh, there's art in all the shops from local artists but most just go for the drinking! I may have one glass of wine but I'm keeping it to a minimum since I want to be in peak condition for the race Sunday.

If you don't follow me on Twitter yet I'll be updating as frequently as possible before/after (hell, maybe even during) the half marathon. I'm so nervous!! I love the butterflies in my tummy already. I haven't had something like this to look forward to in ages. I've yet to decide on what my post-race treat will be. I'm thinking frozen yogurt.

Or cookies.

Or both.


2013-04-01 07.24.40Any words of wisdom from my half/full marathon veterans?