Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

Workout Wrap Up

Aug 30Another successful week of marathon training! This is week 6 of 17 so I'm almost at the halfway mark. I think I may have to treat myself to my second ever massage to help get me over the mid-training hump. I'm also planning to watch the Spirit of the Marathon documentary on Netflix soon to keep me pumped and focused on the finish line!

I will say I am really, really missing cross-training. For a while I was doing about 10 minute of ab work before the 2 shorter runs of the week but I haven't managed to squeeze that in until today. I also need to get back to doing planks/push-ups to keep my arms strong. I'm noticing a loss in muscle definition already and I miss my guns!

2013-08-26 07.30.56

The biggest success of the week was my 7 mile tempo run on Tuesday. I've started running with a partner from my pace group and it has helped so much! I'm still getting up at the same time (4:40 a.m.) but now I'm up and out the door quicker since I have someone waiting on me. This is giving me more time to get ready for work and relax and read the news with breakfast so I'm loving it. I also don't think I could have done this tempo run without her! I missed the last two tempo runs because I was out of town or injured so I was nervous I wouldn't be able to maintain the target 9:15 pace for 4 miles. Not only did we meet it, but we ended up going a tad quicker than we should. #Teamwork

2013-08-27 07.39.19Yesterday we went on a recovery run downtown and saw a gorgeous sunrise but I totally failed to capture it adequately. I've missed running downtown since I've been running solo lately and don't feel comfortable running in that area before the sun's up by myself. Another perk for having a running buddy!2013-08-29 07.09.45Last week I tweeted about how good the new salted caramel flavor of gu was and politely (jokingly) asked for a lifetime supply. Well, they were nice enough to send me a case of it! I'm going to bring it with me to the group run on Saturday to let everyone try some. (Okay, I'm totally keeping a few at home for myself.) I'm also going to hand out some of the electrolyte tabs they sent for me to try as well. The flavor is pink lemonaide and super tasty! Look at salem's fat face licking his lips over it he's so excited (dear PETA, I did not actually let him taste any.)2013-08-26 17.20.58Another highlight of my week was realizing there was something printed on the bottom of the paper in my altoids can before I threw it out. Much to my surprise I saw this gem: 2013-08-26 10.31.44-2I'm looking forward to the weekend since we have Monday off and it's the first time I'll ever be paid for a Holiday. In the 13 years I've been working this is the first job with actual benefits. I'm a real ass adult now! I'm totally going to get paid to eat PB2 and binge watch Netflix.

What are you doing for the Holiday weekend?

Anyone else thinking about pulling out the pumpkin candles or Fall decor already?