Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Given all the chaos that's happened this week I'm happy to report my workouts stayed right on track! I actually added in a bit more yoga than normal and it was wonderful (and very necessary for the tension in my body.) My diet has been a little wacky and I've lost some weight that I'm not happy about but I'm looking forward to stocking up on groceries this weekend to try out some new recipes.


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I have been sporting the necklaces mom got me for my birthday since receiving them Wednesday. I'm particularly drawn to the circle one - it's kind of my mantra right now! Mom's always know the perfect gift to get.

The other necklace she got is equally adorable - it says "My daughter" on the front and "always in my heart" on the back. Awwww.

Since I shared a vintage Halloween photo of myself last Friday I thought I should do the same this week. I was actually a witch for a few years (go figure) and I'm pretty sure my brother still dresses up as a TMNT every year ;)

I'm not sure what I'll get myself into this weekend. When you don't drink often it's kind of hard to find things to do with other people that don't involve alcohol. I see a lot of reading and watching netflix on my agenda - which I am so okay with! I've got some shopping to do to replace some art & furniture that will be leaving this weekend and I'm looking forward to rearranging the house to get some fresh energy circulating. Maybe I should go burn some sage in all of the rooms - isn't that the herb your supposed to use? I'd probably just end up setting off the smoke alarm.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!