Weekly Workout Wrap-Up + 5 calorie Popsicle recipe

Workout Wrap Up

Jan 25

I officially transferred my half marathon registration to my Dad today (Thursday.) The race is Saturday and today marks the 2 week point since I stopped running due to knee pain and I put it off as long as I could - naively thinking there may be a chance I could run it still. It has been very difficult for me to not be able to engage in high intensity exercise. I dreaded making the call to the race organizers but the strangest thing happened to me after I got off the phone - I felt relief.

One of my greatest strengths, and weaknesses, is that I hold myself to very high standards. Usually these expectations help me to excel in life but sometimes they can backfire and I push myself to far. The moment I officially withdrew from the race and let that unrealistic expectation go I felt like such a burden had been lifted. I'm so glad my Dad is able to enjoy the race in my place and now I'm focused on getting ready for the next race I registered for weeks ago, a 15k next Saturday. I am slightly concerned I may not be able to do it (and this one is supposed to be really, really fun) but if I don't, I'll live. There's a huge difference between 'can I run this' and 'should I run this.' I need to remember all of the amazing things my body has allowed me to do in terms of fitness lately and thank it by giving it the rest it's clearly asking for!

Rest Day

Although, true to Runner's mentality, I found another race I'd love to do. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 miler at Disneyland in October! I haven't been to Disneyland in 25 years and I'll be turning 30 that month - I'm pretty sure it's a sign.

As you can see from my workouts this past week I'm definitely feeling better. I'm happy to report both Salem and I have lost our limps! I've tried to run twice now, both times I'll run for about 45 seconds before I have to stop, stretch, and walk. I'm beginning to think a weakness in my glutes may be the culprit and I've researched a few different workout routines specific to runners that I'll be sharing with you all next week.

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A few nights ago I watched 'Hungry for Change' on Netflix and I'm getting ready to do some major revisions of my current diet. I have become way to reliant upon artificial sweeteners after going quite some time without them. My main culprit: Aspartame. I'm going to do a full post on this soon but I've happily come up with a way to still enjoy one of my ultimate weaknesses - popsicles. I must have 2-3 a day usually. They are a nice way to keep from snacking and I love finally getting to sprawl out on the couch after working all day with a cold sweet treat. However, the kind I was purchasing were definitely full of chemicals and sweeteners. They were no-sugar added and only 20 calories but I'm tired of filling my body up with junk!

Enter: Tea popsicles! I tried to come up with a 'recipe' that would still be uber low calorie, taste good, and not have added sugar. It took me a few stores but I finally found this tea at Target that is Cherry flavored and without caffeine. I brewed 2 bags in 1 cup of water, added a cup of ice, and blended that with 1 cup of frozen strawberries. Total calories: 40. My mix made 8 popsicles so that's only 5 calories a pop! #Winning.


Do they taste like normal popsicles?  Not really. They aren't nearly as sweet, but if you'd like to make them taste more traditional you could always add 1-2 T of sugar. I'm already thinking up more combos - green tea and fresh mint, yearba mate and orange ... I'm about to go all sorts of Martha Stewart on this popsicle shiz. Don't let Salems expression here fool you - he loves them.


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Do you think you could go with out Aspartame? 

Are you a popsicle fan?