Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

{My reviews of the DVD's listed above can be found here}

I'm sure it can be attributed to the Halloween festivities but this week has just flown by! I must confess - I am pretty damn excited the weekend is here. My students and I are all suffering from the 'mid-term' slump and November will be a welcome relief with it's 3 day weekend (Thank you Veterans Day!) and Thanksgiving Break.

My workouts for the week were a little different from normal. First, I only did a Barre workout once and I normally aim for getting 2-3 in a week. I did more strength than usual and a few of my workouts were a bit shorter than the normal 45-60 minutes. I'm okay with that! I really just listened to my body when I woke up every day and tried to use that as a guide for how I should proceed. Although, I definitely woke up not wanting to run in the 40-something degree weather on Tuesday but did it anyways (and felt amazing after). This is me before the run pouting and totally without make-up. Be gentle.

I saved a couple of my favorite blogs I came across this week to share with you:

- Jess from Blonde Poneytail put together this incredible Core Workout Video

- Amanda talked about 'motivation' being overrated and how fitness has to become a habit to be a permanent lifestyle change.

- Cassie created this incredible monthly wellness calendar for November where each day has a different challenge to keep you on track - love this!

Finally, I'll leave you with a short video one of my students showed me after class this week. It is Katie Makki performing 'Pretty' - a slam poetry piece. I was first introduced to slam poetry almost 10 years ago when I took a Cinema Appreciation class my first year of college and we watched the movie Slam. I think I'm putting 'perform a slam poetry piece' on my unofficial life bucket list.

Warning: Video does drop the 'F' bomb once so keep the volume down if you are at work!